Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards 2011/2012 best disposable for older babies

As your baby grows up so his or her nappy needs change and you need something that can cope with all that moving around. Check out these disposable nappy best buys

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  • Babies grow up so quickly and just as you get used to one type of nappy, you need a different one - particularly as your baby becomes more active. If you're wondering which disposable nappy to move onto next, take a look at these best buys all up for a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine award

  • Tesco Baby Super Fit

    Tesco Baby Super Fit older baby nappies are slimmer and lighter with a better fit and less bulk between the legs, making it easier for your little one to get around. Read reviews of the Tesco Superfit nappy

  • Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Junior

    Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Junior disposable nappies have extra comfy sides and are extra absorbent and at just 12 pence per nappy they're excellent value for money too. £4.99 for 42. Read reviews of the Aldia Mamia Ultra Dry nappy

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  • Pampers Baby Dry with Extra Absorbent Zones

    Pampers Baby Dry now features Extra Absorbent Zones which are 14% wider than previously and developed for fast absorption. £6.49 for a standard carry pack

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  • Kiddicare Just 4 Bums

    Kiddicare Just 4 Bums nappy pant range allows an older baby to move freely while locking in moisture. £24.99 for a pack of 210 size three or 180 size four.

  • Asda Little Angels Comfort Dry

    Asda Little Angels Comfort Dry nappies are a great value for money nappy for your older baby and its the only nappy range in the market to include a size 6+ Extra Large Plus size. £5.97

  • Pampers Active Fit with Dry Max

    Pampers Active Fit with Dry Max technology is a super thin nappywith 20% less bulk, triple elastic leg cuffs and stretchy sides around the waist. £6.49 for a standard carry pack. Read reviews of the Pampers Active Fit nappy

  • Asda Little Angels Action Fit

    Asda Little Angels Action Fit nappies have been specifically designed using soft and stretchy materials to provide a perfect fit with maximum comfort for active little ones. £5.97

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  • Asda Little Angels First Pants

    Asda Little Angels First Pants help keep toddlers dry and comfortable  and entertained thanks to cute monkey and lion characters. £3.74

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