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In a nutshell

A unique, innovative buggy that handles exceptionally well. Some clever features but bulky when folded and extremely expensive.

  • Pros

    Very slim for a twin buggy, converts from single to double and back, handles exceptionally well, sunhood has excellent coverage, rear and forward facing seats, folds with seats attached, range of accessories, car seat compatible

  • Cons

    Small seats, folding mechanism awkward, bulky when folded, very expensive

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Our review

The Bugaboo Donkey offers a fashionable, functional and very clever way to transport your babies from birth through to toddlerhood. 

It’s super slim for a twin buggy and a dream to push, despite the awkward name. But whether it’s worth over £1,000 is certainly up for debate.

The biggest selling-point for the Donkey is that it can be converted from a single buggy (mono) to a double pushchair for either a baby and toddler (duo) or twins (twin).

But unlike double buggies where a back seat is added or removed, the single Donkey becomes a double by expanding the chassis widthways, into a side-by-side set-up. You can see how the Bugaboo Donkey converts in our short video piece and how it performs as a single buggy in our Bugaboo Donkey mono review.

As a double buggy, the Donkey has several configurations. Either position can accommodate a carrycot, seat unit or car seat, making it suitable for twin babies, toddler and baby, or twin toddlers. 

The seats can be forward facing or parent facing and with each seat fixed in opposite directions two toddlers can actually face each other – recipe for a riot, or what?

The Donkey is touted as “the narrowest luxury side-by-side duo stroller”. As a double it’s 74cm wide. The average side-by-side double buggy (known as a twin buggy) is 104cm wide. The slimmest the consumer testers found was 84cm wide.

The usual standard features apply to the seats – 5-point harness, sunhood, footrest. In forward facing mode, there are two recline positions and in parent-facing mode there are three, including fully reclined (although this doesn’t make the seat totally flat). The carrycot is suitable from birth but can’t be used for overnight sleeping.

The front wheels swivel and are lockable. There’s a footbrake and the handle is adjustable to 11 different heights, making it tall-parent and short-parent friendly.

Aimed at both about-town parents and the outdoorsy family, the Donkey is said to be suitable “for all terrains”. A novel feature is the two-wheel mode - by folding the back wheels under the chassis you can pull the buggy over sand or snow. Two-wheel mode could also be used to pull the buggy up stairs or push it up a kerb more easily.

There are two base colours for the seat unit and the bottom of the carrycot – black and sand - and a choice of six ‘tailored’ colours for the sunhood and carrycot apron.

As a duo, the Donkey costs £1,255 (two seats, one carrycot) and for twins, it costs £1,385.

What we love

The idea of upsizing and downsizing your buggy in three clicks is genius. As a family of four – we have two daughters, Minnie, 2, and Poppy, 9 months  - there are often times when we only need a single buggy.

Whilst our usual tandem buggy can be converted to a single, the second seat at the back is hugely compromised in terms of size and space. With the Donkey set up as a double buggy, the girls love being side by side and there have been fewer tears from Poppy, who usual has to sit at the back. And I get comments and questions galore - mums and dads coo over my girls’ ride.
Despite its weight (15kg - average for a double), the Bugaboo Donkey handles well and is a breeze to push around town. The 4-wheel set up actually makes it easier to handle than a 3-wheeler tandem.

Taking off the seats is super easy and only needs one hand – there are two ‘memory lock’ buttons that are clicked on, to take the seat off. And the shopping basket, whilst not deep enough to take more than one bag of nappies, is wide and will carry lots of small items.

What to watch out for

The Bugaboo Donkey can be folded with the seats attached (in forward facing mode) by pulling the release triggers on the handle and tucking the front wheels under the chassis.  However, there’s no catch to keep the front wheels in place, which means that they start to slip back. I also find the triggers really stiff and hard to engage, making the initial fold a struggle.

Once folded, the Donkey is still pretty bulky so you’ll need a large car boot if you plan on going places.

On first glance, the seats are small. I’m unsure they will accommodate a 4 year old (maximum weight 17kg), given that at 2½ years, Minnie’s head was brushing the top of the sun canopy. This goes for the carrycot too - at 4½ months, baby Elsa (borrowed for testing) filled the carrycot.

However, the biggest sticking point has to be the price. As a duo, the Donkey costs £1,255 (two seats, one carrycot) and for twins it costs £1,385 (two carrycots, two seats). As a mum-of-two, I love using the Donkey and feel it meets all my needs but there’s no getting around the price tag (my car cost less).

Who is the Bugaboo Donkey best for?

Fashion-conscious parents-of-two who value innovation and have cash to spare.

MadeForMums verdict:

The Bugaboo Donkey is versatile and unique but it’s not without fault. Other than the ability to expand, its features are not too different to other buggies. It’s slim for a twin buggy, lovely to push and lovely to look at, but that extra tubing comes at a very high price.

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