In a nutshell

Fantastically adaptable single-to-tandem pushchair with great features and a super-easy fold. Unfortunately, handling is tricky in extended mode

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 3.6 out of 5.


  • Super-fast fold, free-standing, integrated buggy board, ultra-comfortable, weatherproof fabrics, versatile


  • Temperamental brakes, difficult to manoeuvre with extended wheelbase, small front wheels, wobbly handle

About the Micralite TwoFold

  • Age suitability: from birth (with additional carrycot) to 22kg (approximately 5 years)
  • Dimensions: 105x48.5x45cm (folded), 105x48.5x71cm (unfolded)
  • Weight: 12kg (in single mode)
  • Features: Fast easy fold, free standing when folded, integrated buggy board, easily convertible into tandem, adjustable handlebar, large rear wheels, travel system compatible
  • RRP: £675

Micralite is a British company that was founded in 1999 by a couple of engineers that became dads and wanted to enhance the lives of parents. Since then, they have won several awards for their cleverly engineered and fast-folding prams. In 2017, Micralite was purchased by Silver Cross, and has since undergone a bit of a facelift.

The TwoFold was first released in 2012 and was Micralite’s first single-to-double buggy. In 2014 it was further developed to include a built-in rider board (you can read our full review of the original version here). The style of the TwoFold has evolved over time. For example, it's seat has changed from a hammock-style seat similar to the lightweight single FastFold, to a cushioned seat more Silver Cross style.

It sits at the higher end of the market, somewhere between the Bugaboo Donkey and iCandy Orange, and the less expensive Phil and Teds Dot Double and Babystyle Hybrid Edge.

Micralite pushchairs are famous for their super easy folds, and the TwoFold is no exception. It is is also unique in the way in which it converts to a double. Similar to Donkey and the Hybrid, the frame extends to allow another seat to fit in place. The clever mechanism by which this is achieved is extremely straightforward, and doesn’t require any unclipping or removing any parts.

I couldn’t wait to put the TwoFold through its ranks with my nearly 2-year-old twins, Arabella and Joseph. They are at an age where they would like to walk, but can tire quickly. I find it difficult to manage walking two of them at the same time. The TwoFold seemed like the perfect solution; an in-built rider board to alternate walking/riding with the other in the front seat, and the tandem seat for longer journeys or if they wanted to nap.

You can buy the Micralite TwoFold from Micralite, Über Kids, Pram Centre or Natural Baby Shower

What were your first impressions of the Micralite TwoFold?

My first impression was “Wow, Snazzy!” The design of the frame really caught my eye. It looked so different to any other pushchairs I have come across, and I was intrigued to find out more about how it works.

How does the TwoFold compare to other buggies you’ve used?

It is very different to any other buggy that I have used before. From first glance this is a single buggy. It’s not until you look closely that you realise that it has a hidden secret, and that the wheelbase extends in seconds to reveal a base for a second seat.

When the twins were born, we had an Oyster Max. Like the TwoFold, The Oyster Max is a tandem and you could easily switch from single to double. This is great when you need to only take one out. At around 10-months-old, the twins refused to sit on the rear seat without a fight so we switched to side-by-side doubles. We have tried several doubles, the Mountain Buggy Duet, the Bugaboo Donkey, the My Babiie MB22 and Cosatto Supa Dupa Twin.

The Bugaboo Donkey and The Mountain Buggy are also convertible from single to double but have a side shopping basket when used as single. The Mountain buggy has been a firm favourite so far but it is quite heavy to lift and the folding mechanism isn't perfect.

I was anxious but curious to see how they would react to a tandem now that they are older but unlike with the Oyster Max, the TwoFold’s back seat didn’t compromise on space for the passenger. The seat does not impede on the basket space and there is plenty of room for them to see out of the side. This extra space does come at a price though. The extra length affects the manoeuvrability of the buggy and the comfort for the parent.

The folding mechanism is the most effective I have ever come across. It may not be the most compact but it is the most convenient.

What age is it suitable for, can it be used from newborn?

The TwoFold can be used from 6 months up to a maximum weight of 22kg. The tandem seat (sold separately for £125) can also be used from 6 months, but this time up to a maximum of 15Kg (approximately age 3). The built-in buggy board is suitable for 18m+ and has a maximum weight capacity of 20kg (approximately age 5).

I personally think the buggy board shouldn’t be suitable until the child is over 2 (possibly even older) because they aren’t quite tall enough to ride comfortably, plus you run the risk of them jumping off.

You can buy a carrycot for an additional £195, which allows you to use the TwoFold to be used from birth. The carrycot has a Maximum weight capacity of 9kg. It is not possible to use a carrycot on the tandem position so it wouldn’t be suitable for newborn twins.

How easy I it to swap to the carrycot?

To use the carrycot, you have to first remove the fabric from the seat unit, and replace the bottom part of the frame with a smaller section. The carrycot then clips in with the adapters (included in price) - the same adapters can be used for car seats. I think that it is probably best for two children of different ages, perhaps a baby and an older toddler.

Which modes/configurations did you try out?

With my twins, I tested the TwoFold with single seat, main seat with buggy board, and main seat with tandem seat. I also borrowed my 1-month-old niece to try out the carrycot.

How does the TwoFold fold?

The patented single fold really sets the TwoFold apart from any other pushchair on the market. You can do it with one hand, and in a matter of seconds. It also doesn’t seem to matter which recline position the seat is in, however the instructions tell you lift the seat up first.

There are two simple steps to follow that are clearly indicated on the frame:

  • The first step is to release the frame by pressing and lifting on the levers marked 1 with your thumb and two fore fingers.
  • The second step is to simply move your thumb up to the button marked 2 and pull your hand toward you.
  • The frame collapses from the middle and a catch holds it in place.
  • It sounds complicated but I can assure you that it is incredibly simple and quick. Blink and you’ll miss it.
  • To unfold it again you just unleash the catch and push the seat all the way down to the bottom.

Once you have heard it click into place, you can then lift the seat up to your preferred recline position and you’re ready to go. Simple.

How compact is it when folded and unfolded?

For a buggy of its size it is really compact once folded, measuring 105x48.5x45cm, and it will free stand in place, making it easy to store in your hallway or cupboard under the stairs. Again, unfolded it is compact (105x48.5x71cm) and doesn’t have too much of a footprint in my hallway (especially when compared to side-by-side doubles).

Does it fit in the boot of your car?

Having twins meant that we needed a car with a large boot so fitting it into our Vauxhall Insignia was a breeze. It should easily fit into a smaller boot though, and you can remove the wheels and bumper bar if you need to.

How lightweight is it?

I wouldn’t call it lightweight, but it is certainly not the heaviest pushchair I have come across. On its own it weighs 12Kg which is about average for a single. The tandem seat weighs 4.4Kg, making the combined weight 16.4kg.

How easy is it to push?

In single mode it is easy to manoeuvre and you can weave in and out of tight spots. The front swivel wheels make turning easy too.

As soon as the wheelbase is extended however, it becomes a completely different story.Pushing is fine, if you only want to go in a straight line. Turning corners is really awkward and I can only compare it to how it feels to push a shopping trolley around the supermarket. You have to put some weight into it and adjust your hand position to make it shift.

This was the same whether using the buggy board or tandem seat. I just felt that the buggy was now too long for its width. I also found that it was quite difficult to now see the front wheels, and because they are set wider than the rest of the pushchair it became easy to slip off a kerb if the pavement was very narrow.

There were a couple of hairy moments going downhill along some uneven ground while in tandem mode when I thought I might lose control of the buggy. I would like to have seen a safety strap attached somewhere to prevent any accidents if I should lose my grip and let go.

How does it ride on different surfaces?

It rides smoothly on flat even surfaces, however I found that the front wheels would get stuck on the smallest of bumps. When pushing it as a single buggy over cobbles I found a little trick of lifting up the front wheels and just pushing it over on the much larger rear wheels, making cobbles a breeze. You wouldn’t be able to get away with that with the extended wheelbase, but you can lock the front wheels to stop them getting stuck.

Kerbs were no issue at all in single mode. In extended mode it became impossible to lift the front wheels up a kerb without having to first anticipate the kerb and push my foot down on the buggy board. If you have a passenger using the buggy board to stand on you will have to make sure their legs are wide enough apart before setting off. This isn’t an issue when the tandem seat is in place because it sits below the buggy board and you can get your foot under no problem.

How did it handle with the board in use?

We went for a play date to my friend’s house one day and I decided I would use the buggy board and not take the tandem seat. It was only a 10 minute walk so what could go wrong? Arabella was over the moon to be standing instead of sitting. She loves helping me push the buggy so I knew she would enjoy it.

She started off giggling away to herself in excitement and it was all going smoothly, until we had to go up and down a few kerbs and she kept banging her mouth on the button that you push to adjust the handle. I had to let her walk the rest of the way. This is when I realised that you can’t (easily) push the TwoFold one handed. I tried the buggy board with my friend’s 3.5 year old who is a lot taller, and it was much better. He was able to hold on to the handles and his face was well clear of the button.

How is it on public transport?

Unfortunately I haven’t yet had an opportunity to take it on any public transport but I am sure it would easily fit on your local bus/train. The only issue could be getting it onto the bus in extended mode if there is a large gap between the bus and pavement.

What do you think of the wheels?

The rear wheels have pneumatic tyres that are Kevlar lined to prevent punctures. They are much larger than the front wheels and easily ride over any bump. I felt that the front wheels were far too small for the buggy and at times would just get stuck in a gap. I could feel the front suspension when I pushed them over gravel but anything larger than gravel and the wheels would just get in the way.

Is the frame strong?

Despite being quite skinny, the frame is really strong and durable. I think the wobbly handle lets it down though because it makes it appear flimsy. It comes with a 3 year guarantee and Micralite provide great customer service so if anything were to go wrong, you’re covered.

What do you think of its handlebar?

As I mentioned above, the handle was wobbly and squeaky and didn’t feel particularly sturdy. It has been designed to allow for a growing toddler to ride comfortably on the built-in board. I think that it is great that you can adjust it into 6 different positions to suit you and your child, but it would be better if it could somehow slide up/down along the frame itself or if it could be a little wider for those who prefer to push with their arms further apart.

What do you think of the seat units?

I love the seat unit and how cushioned it feels, even before adding the lovely soft seat liner. The removable liner is made of bamboo fabric, that is said to be softer and more absorbent than cotton - great on a hot, sweaty day. There are removable shoulder and crotch pads to stop the harness from digging into your little one. All the removable pieces can be hand washed which is also a bonus. It's amazing how grubby a buggy can become.

The tandem seat is like no other I have seen before. When I first saw it I though “how on earth will that stay in place and seat a toddler?”. It is so lightweight and simple yet it is just as sturdy and secure as any other tandem seat out there. It doesn’t fold though so if you want to take it out but not use it the whole time, there is nowhere to store it. I did however discover a neat trick of wearing it as a backpack.

How many recline positions are there?

The seat itself has 3 recline positions, with the most reclined position being near flat. The foot rest also has 3 positions. I was however a little disappointed to see that the most upright position still had quite a recline to it instead of being totally upright. The tandem seat does not have an option to recline.

How comfortable does it feel for your little one?

Incredibly comfortable. In fact I had to prise Arabella away from it at times. She would have happily sat in either of the seats all day! It is the first pushchair where she has not only allowed my to put the hood up, but actually asked me to.

What do you think of the hood?

The hood is amazing. Very strong and sturdy with great coverage, a breathable mesh section that can be unzipped on hot days to allow air to pass through more easily. There is also a magnetic peep window for viewing your little ones while they sleep without disturbing them with noisy velcro or zips. The fabrics feature a 20k weather proof rating and UPF50 protection. Rain slides off the hood like water to a duck’s back.

How is interacting with your little one when in the buggy?

The main seat is forward facing, but the mesh window and the clear peep window on the hood mean that you can easily interact with your child whether the hood is up or not. When using the carrycot, this is parent facing so that you can see your baby at all times. The tandem seat also has a clear plastic window so that they can see the world even when the hood is up.

Tell us about the brakes.

The brakes are very temperamental and I found that they would often come undone when I was folding/unfolding the frame. I wouldn’t like to trust them at the top of a steep hill but they seemed to work fine when out/about in the park and so on.

How easily can you access the basket and is it big enough to store everything you need?

The basket can easily be reached from the side/front of the buggy. With a 30L/3kg capacity, it isn’t huge but you can certainly fit in your essentials or a small food shop.

The great thing about the buggy when it is used in tandem mode is that unlike other tandems such as the Oyster Max, the tandem seat doesn’t take the position of the basket. Instead the seat sits behind the basket and your child's feet rest happily to the side.

You can buy a 40l matching carry bag, that fits on the chassis of your TwoFold, to up your storage. However, that will set you back £90.

What is the carrycot like?

Although my little ones are far too big for a carrycot now, I was able to test it out with my 1-month-old niece. Like the main seat, the fabrics are all wether proof and high quality. There is breathable mesh surrounding the outside and the head and foot of the liner is also mesh to allow for maximum airflow.

The only worry I have about the carrycot is that the liner is attached with velcro and easily unsticks itself. A stronger velcro or even a zip would be better and would give that extra peace of mind.

In order to use the frame with a carrycot you have to unbutton the main seat from the frame and remove the bottom part and replace it with a smaller piece. This is merely an aesthetic feature as the carrycot is quite a bit shorter than the main seat. The carrycot comes with the adapters and then just clips into place.

Is it car seat compatible?

Yes, Micralite’s easy-to-use car seat adapters are compatible with a few different car seats, such as the Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Cabrio Fix, the Mothercare Main Premium, Joie Eye Level, BeSafe or Cybex Aton Q

What’s in the box?

  • Seat
  • Chassis
  • Rider Board
  • Hood & liner
  • Storm Cover
  • Pump for pneumatic tyres

Are there any additional extras that you need to buy?

  • Footmuff (£90)
  • Carrycot (£195
  • 40L bag (£90)
  • Tandem seat (£125)
  • Universal car seat adaptors (£40)
  • Sun shade (£30)

Is it easy/hard to build the product?

It is incredible easy to build. Its pretty much straight out of the box and ready to go. All you need to do is attach the wheels, hood and seat liner if you wish to use it. The instructions are very useful and have simple diagrams and each step highlighted with colour to help. It didn’t take long at all, around 15 minutes.

What would you have wanted to know before you purchased the item?

I would have wanted to know how difficult it is to manoeuvre when used in extended mode. Having twins means that I will need to use this configuration a lot more than in single mode. Pushing two heavy children up and down the Yorkshire hills is no easy feat, so I’m always in the hunt for anything that helps.

Who would the product be most useful for?

Parents with a baby and a toddler who usually likes to walk but occasionally gets tired of walking and needs ride. The integrated buggy board and tandem seat are great as an occasional extra.

What was your favourite feature of the TwoFold?

The folding mechanism. What’s not to love about that! It is by far the quickest and easiest fold that I have come across. The fact you can do it single handed is a bonus.

What is the price? Is this good value for money?

The price is £675 without any extras which is a little more expensive than similar products on the market such as the BabyStyle Hybrid and Phil and Teds Dot double. The comfort and style of the seat and carrycot are of very high quality, and the intricate detail of the folding mechanism is second to none.

The decrease in mobility when the base was extended made getting out and about quite difficult. I loved the concept of the built-in buggy board and although I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with twins, I would recommend it to parents with a baby and an older toddler that would occasionally get tired of walking.

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Product Specifications

Suitable for
Child age (approx)From Birth (with carrycot/cocoon) – From birth (with additional carrycot) to 22kg (main seat) - Suitable both - With additional carrycot, but only for one seat
Both seats suitable from birthYes
Child weightUp to 22kg
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:105cm W:48.5cm L:71cm
Dimensions (folded)H:105cm W:48.5cm L:45cm
Travel system compatibleYes
Compatible car seatsMaxi Cosi Cabrio Fix, Maxi Cosi Pebble, Mothercare Main Premium, Joie Eye Level, BeSafe, Cybex Aton Q
Seat facing directionForward facing
Front wheelsFixed and swivel
Recline positions3
  • Fast fold
  • Freestanding fold
  • Integrated buggy board
  • Convertible into tandem
Accessories includedPadded seat liner, storm cover, rider board, pump for tyres
Optional extrasCarrycot (£195), 40l bag (£90), tandem seat (£125), footmuff (£90)