In a nutshell

A compact and lightweight single-to-double buggy that offers a high-end look and functionality for those looking to get around easily with one or two.

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.


  • Lightweight, sturdy, easy to manoeuvre and can be used for one or two children.


  • Lack of storage space when used as a double. Putting baby into bottom chair takes some practice.

Convertible tandems are quickly becoming the go to pushchair for parents with more than one child – especially when there is a toddler and young baby involved.


These types of pushchairs work as a single buggy and then converts into a double when needed.

But the problem is, they can be big, bulky and impractical – up until now.

Let’s say hi to the Hybrid Edge – the most spacious, yet sleekest tandem I’ve ever seen!

When British buggy maker BabyStyle recently revealed its brand new buggy – the Hybrid Edge, which can be converted from a single-to-double by adding a second seat, and by changing the bottom part of the frame, the pram industry got very excited – and quite rightly.

Basically when you have just one child, you can use the pram in regular Edge mode (60cm width), or reduce the width to 55cm by swapping in the City axle (£40) to the frame.

Then when you have two children, you attach a different bottom frame, which is around 10cm wider and 10cm longer, meaning there’s more space for the second baby – and still some storage space too.

The whole system sounds complicated right? Yes I thought so too – but it’s really not. I’m in love!

I’ve basically been on the look out for a decent tandem for seven months now – this is my third – and thankfully it will be my last!

When Elliott was born I had no idea how I would get around with two children – I walk everywhere, and Lacie who has just turned three, likes to walk sometimes.

Before the Hybrid Edge I was using the Baby Jogger City Mini Double (£499.99), which is lightweight and easy to steer but I still find quite big.

I much prefer a tandem as it’s narrower and easier to use on public transport and when needing to fit into doorways and into shops.

When Elliott was first born I had a BabyStyle Oyster Max 2 Tandem (£623), but Lacie out-grew the front seat pretty quickly and I got fed up with constantly banging my shins on the bottom carrycot where Elliott was. Finding a decent tandem felt impossible until now!

You can buy the BabyStyle Hybrid Edge from Kiddies Kingdom, Direct2Mum, and Amazon.

First impressions

On first impression, I felt a bit daunted by the Hybrid Edge. First of all there were lots of boxes (the chassis, the tandem seat, the adaptors, the hood, the seat apron!) and then there was a different frame – the tandem axle, but on getting it out of the box I was pleasantly surprised.

Everything from putting the wheels on, fitting the seat to the chassis and popping in the seat unit hood was very straightforward and very fluid. There were no hidden attachments and everything was very obvious. Great start!

Everything was really versatile too. For instance the handle, which is made with a lovely, soft leatherette material is easy to adjust – and has 11 different settings – which is amazing for me at 5ft 2ins and my husband, who is 6ft 2ins.

The seat units also have three different positions, which is fab, and again so easy to manoeuvre and operated by a simple handle at the top of the seat that you just pull up, plus the calf support has six positions! Everything feels very straightforward and accommodating for both the parent and the children.

How easy is it do you convert the Hybrid Edge from single to tandem buggy?

I’ll be honest I was very worried about the two modes – and the different frames! With two kiddies, I’m always in a rush and also not sure whether I’ll be using a single buggy – or tandem (it depends on what mood Lacie is in and if she wants to walk or not).

So the change to a single to a tandem and vice versa needed to be a quick and easy process, which wouldn’t see me leaving the house a flustered mess!


How do you convert the BabyStyle Hybrid Edge from a single to a double you:

  • Unclip the back wheels (they come off really easily)
  • You then need to remove the basket (again – easy)
  • You then simply slide both sides of the tandem axle into the chassis until you hear a click
  • Then you lower the second seat unit (which is incredibly light!) into the attachment housings, until you hear a click
  • Finish off by re-fastening the basket – or you can take off completely it’s up to you

To remove the tandem seat of the Hybrid Edge:

  • You hold the seat unit by both sides
  • Locate the seat unit release handles and pull up
  • Then to remove the axle, press down on the buttons on each side of the frame and pull it away
  • You then re-attach the original axle that allows the buggy to be a single again

It honestly doesn’t take longer than five minutes – but to avoid any delay I always made sure I had the buggy in the right mode the night before and usually kept it as a double.

Here's a quick video showing you how to change the Hybrid Edge rear wheel axle

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Is the Hybrid Edge comfy for your little ones?

Yes, both kids seemed really comfortable, especially Elliott in the bottom seat, who had loads of space and could see clearly out of each side and see all around him.

I’ve always been worried (and felt a bit cruel) that the child at the bottom has a restricted view but this wasn’t the case at all.


Lacie, who has just turned three and is very tall for her age, looked comfy too. She can look rather big in certain buggies but she had loads of room height and width-wise.

The chairs are really roomy and wide, plus they are covered in a lovely padded, soft material. She must have liked it because she stayed in for the entire journey and now asks if we can take the ‘new pram’ when we go out.

What did you think of the harness?

One of the features I love is the one pull 5-point harness. This is similar to the harnesses that you find on a car seat; the child can be put into the seat, and then the harness can be pulled tight with one hand which means the shoulder straps, waist straps all come together to fit the child snuggly.

This makes altering the harness easy. To loosen the straps is simple too.

There is an area marked ‘press’ then you just pull the straps towards you to make them bigger.

This is perfect for when Lacie uses the top chair as a double – and then when Elliott uses it as a single. No faffing around with awkward harness adjusters – again another great time saver!

Does the sunshade provide good coverage?

Yes, it does! The extendable sunshade is brilliant from protecting little eyes from harsh sunlight – it’s an amazing coverage and great if they are asleep or if it’s raining and you’ve been a bad mummy and forgotten the rain cover (which is included, by the way)


What do you think of the style?

It’s certainly a looker – and feels very expensive, even though it’s not! It’s available in a variety of traditional and on-trend colour ways to suit all tastes, (I reviewed the classic navy - perfect for both a boy and a girl!) and the seat unit and canopy are made with the material of the moment, an easy-to-clean, hardwearing tweed-like fabric. It also has stylish leatherette handles and a shiny silver frame.

I would also recommend investing in the foot muffs (£50). They are thick and cosy and have a lavish velvet lining which is really luxurious and great for naptime.

Is the Babystyle Hybrid Edge buggy suitable for newborns?

Yes, the Hybrid Edge is suitable from birth, also long as you use the carrycot. It also offers travel system compatibility with both seats.

If you are using the buggy as a single you can also have the seat unit parent facing, which I love and there are height adaptors for the upper seat unit, as well as car seat adapters for both the upper and lower positions.

There really are so many configurations with the Hybrid. The designers have thought of everything!

What do you think of the fold system?

The fold system is honestly effortless to use. It can’t be folded with both seat units intact – but it’s easy enough to just pop the second seat off before you fold it.

Once folded the system is very compact and to my surprise fitted perfectly in the boot of my Vauxhall Corsa.

The spare tandem seat did however need to go on the front seat next to me but that’s fine; Two kiddies in the back, the chassis and top seat in the boot –and then the bottom tandem seat in the front next to me. Perfect!


How do you fold the Babystyle Hybrid Edge buggy:

  • You lower the handle bar by releasing the handle adjustment locks on each sides of the handle
  • Then lift the chassis folding handle and push down on the secondary lock button that is located by the front wheels
  • The handle then lowers towards the floor so the frame folds in half
  • Then the front wheels swivel so they sit nicely underneath the folded frame
  • To open, you just release the travel lock and lift the handle until you hear a click

Watch how to fold and unfold the Hybrid Edge pushchair in the video below

How easy is the Hybrid Edge to push when loaded up with both children?

The Hybrid Edge was an absolute pleasure to push even when loaded up with two kiddies. It felt lighter than any other tandem I have used, responsive and I didn’t bang my legs on the bottom chair once – even when Elliott was asleep and I had reclined the chair a little.

It was fine mounting kerbs, the wheels felt hardy and the brake was reactive and trustworthy, giving a reassuring ‘click’ when on. My husband thought it felt like the chassis was a bit flimsy but I actually think that's the suspension as there is quite a lot of give when you push.

It was also great to be able to see Elliott at all times – and he liked looking up and seeing me too. Lacie on the other hand was harder to see – but there is a vented panel under the hood so I could keep an eye on her that way if needed.

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How compact is the Hybrid Edge buggy?

To my delight, the Hybrid Edge is no wider or bigger than a normal travel system, so I didn’t feel like I was ever in the way when out and about especially in shopping centres.

I also didn’t hog the pavements, making it awkward when I passed another buggy. Not once did I have to ask “will I get through there?” which has become by favourite saying since using the Baby Jogger Mini Double.

The Edge also travels well on public transport, it can just make its way down narrow bus aisles and fits well in the pram bay along with another pushchair and just as easily fits on trains.

I just needed a hand getting on and off – despite the visible front wheel suspension and puncture resistant tyres I worried about the big bump for Elliott, who has just turned seven months old.

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Do you think it works better as a single or a double pushchair?

I personally love both modes. Obviously when it’s a single is lighter to push and carry and easier to store but saying that pushing the double isn’t any more taxing – it’s still a smooth ride and it’s still a real pleasure to use.

The one thing that is MUCH better when a single is the storage. The basket when used as a double is almost non-existent but I managed to store some shopping in and the as the handlebar comes with integral handbag hooks on both sides.

I love that each seat unit has a zipped pocket at the back too, which is handy for storing the little things like your keys, purse and phone.

Is the Hybrid Edge value for money?

The Hybrid Edge is a fantastically stylish and sleek tandem with an amazing price tag! It costs £678 for the Edge buggy (£499), tandem seat (£129) and tandem axle (£50), with the carrycot being £149, the footmuffs are £50 each and the changing bag £50.

If you compare it to similar single buggies such as the UppaBaby Vista (£849.99), Joolz Geo (£999.99), the iCandy Peach (from £755) and the Bugaboo Donkey (£1089), it’s super reasonable considering its compatibility (it’s compatible with most car seats!) and well thought out features.

What's in the box?

  • Chassis
  • Seat Unit
  • Hybrid Tandem axle
  • Hybrid Edge wheels
  • Tandem Seat
  • Apron
  • Raincovers

MadeForMums verdict

If only this had been released seven months earlier! I worried such a lot when I was pregnant about how I was going to get around with two – and oh my, this would have been the answer to all my prayers!

Not only is it sleek, functional and easy to use, but it’s also comfortable for both kids, both in single and tandem mode, it’s convenient to use and it’s of very high quality with some great features. I feel like a Queen pushing it!

It could be a great investment for new parents with one child looking for a pushchair that will grow as the family does or a family who walk a lot and are looking for a slick and modern-looking tandem that looks the part.

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Product Specifications

ModelHybrid Edge Pushchair Review
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth (with carrycot/cocoon) to 3 years
Child weightUp to 15kg
Dimensions & Weight
Weight7.8kg – chassis and wheels
DimensionsH:87cm–111cm W:60cm L:97cm
Dimensions (folded)H:30cm W:60cm L:71cm
Travel system compatibleYes
Seat facing directionForward facing and parent facing
Front wheelsLockable swivel
Tyre typePuncture resistant
Wheel size (front)7.5in
Recline positions3
  • Convertible single to double pushchair
Accessories includedRaincover
Optional extras
  • Carrycot (£149)
  • Tandem seat (£129)
  • Tandem axle (£50)
  • City axle (£40)