Egg stroller, £769

Suitable from birth, can convert to a double


With its head-turning design and sleek curves, this luxury offering from UK buggy manufacturer BabyStyle has proved a popular choice with parents.

“The best pram I’ve had,” and “I haven’t found anything yet that I would change about the Egg” are two examples of parents’ comments about BabyStyle’s premium model.

It does come with a premium price tag (higher than other BabyStyle buggies) but our parents think it’s worth it. “My husband loves it because of how sturdy it feels and he also loves that the handlebar comes up high for him,” adds one.

Other key positives from our mum reviews include:

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  • “Easy to fold up and put down”
  • “Sturdy and nimble”
  • “Enjoyable to push with a smooth ride for the baby”
  • “Even better that it’s a convertible”

Our MFM reviewer concluded: “Sturdy not bulky, stylish but practical; from top to bottom I loved this buggy.” Read our full review of the Babystyle Egg.

Read our full review of the Babystyle Egg

You can buy the Babystyle Egg from John Lewis, Samuel Johnston and Pram Centre


Bugaboo Cameleon 3, £759

Suitable from birth

Bugaboo’s Cameleon has long been a favourite after it emerged onto the market over a decade ago – changing the look and feel of buggies as we knew them. The Cameleon 3 is, natch, the third version, and there’s a 3plus version for 2019. It is expensive, but our reviewer and parents have found that it’s so well made that it lasts from birth to childhood – and can then be refreshed to start all over again.

Key parental loves include:

  • “Finally found a pram that suits us perfectly”
  • “It’s very easy to push and manoeuvre”
  • “The carrycot is snug and comfy for babies”
  • “It has a roomy seat – good for older toddlers”
  • “Good-size storage basket”
  • “Robust and long-lasting – plus a high resale value on eBay”

Read our full Bugaboo Cameleon 3 review

You can buy the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus from Amazon, John Lewis and Natural Baby Shower


iCandy Peach, £999

Suitable from birth, can convert to a double or twin

The ever-popular iCandy Peach is a convertible buggy – which means you can buy it as a single and convert to a double. You can also buy it as a twin buggy for two babies. It’s stylish and robust, like the Cameleon, The latest version for 2018 (Peach 4) now has a 2-in-1 carrycot that converts into a seat unit, when your baby gets older. This means you no longer have a bulky carrycot gathering dust in storage once your baby is 6 months.

“I would rate this pram as awesome” says one parent, while another enthuses “The best pram going”.

So what do parents particularly love about the Peach?

  • “I used my first Peach for well over three years and the fabrics stayed beautiful.”
  • “Pushes well over different terrains”
  • “The basket is large and I love how far the handle bar extends.”
  • “So sturdy and strong”
  • “I have a Renault Clio and the folded pram fits in there comfortably with space for some shopping.”
  • “It's so easy to collapse and put up that you're ready to go in seconds.”

Read our full iCandy Peach 4 review

You can buy the iCandy Peach from Amazon and John Lewis


Babyzen Yoyo 0+, £369

Suitable from birth with newborn pack, ultra lightweight

The lightweight buggy (6.5kg) that broke the rules when it was first launched – by folding up small enough to fit into an overhead locker on an airplane. Since then, a handful of other buggies have also developed tiny folds, but the Yoyo 0+ is still a market leader due to its robustness and functionality – you can attach a car seat and it stretches from birth to three. This isn’t a buggy for rough terrain, but for many parents it’s the perfect solution for urban life.

What parents love about the Yoyo:

  • “It’s superlight – great if you live in a flat with no lift!”
  • “Can fold and unfold with one hand (with a little practice)”
  • “Great for use in the city”
  • “Nothing I don’t like about it”
  • “Effortless to operate”

Read our full Babyzen Yoyo 0+ review

You can buy the Babyzen Yoyo 0+ from Boots


Maclaren Techno XT, £300

Suitable from birth with near lie-flat seat or preferably with additional carrycot (£145)

Maclaren doesn’t do lots of marketing – it’s sold by word of mouth for decades. It’s a no-frills brand that does what it needs to: efficiently and effectively transports precious cargo from A to B and back again. Of course, it features the Maclaren trademark umbrella fold and includes a unique lifetime warranty – so yes, it’s made to last. While the design hasn’t changed much and the basket is small, it’s a long-term classic.

Comments from parents include:

  • “Absolute love this buggy. I had this for my first and will definitely be getting another for my 2nd on the way”
  • “Easy to push and love the adjustable handles”
  • “Good size hood and wheels give a smooth ride”
  • “It's very easy to push, even with a toddler in it, the seat is spacious enough, it’s easy to fold and store in the car and the seat reclines almost flat”
  • “It is a dream to push, the front wheels are chunky enough to go over gravel, grass and bumpy pavements with no problems at all”
  • “It's fully reclinable and the leg rests extend to provide more room for your sleeping babe”

Read our full review of Maclaren Techno XT

You can buy the Maclaren Techno XT from Amazon, Argos and Pramworld


UPPABaby Cruz, £599

Suitable from birth with additional carrycot

Gorgeous styling, huge shopping basket and extendable hood are some of the Cruz’s best-loved features according to MFM parents. It also handles a variety of terrains well “tackling kerbs, grass and paths like a beast”, according to our MFM reviewer.

Positive comments from parents include:

  • “As long as the buggy is rear facing it folds easily to fit inside the boot of a Renault Clio”
  • “I really like its higher position compared to the Bugaboo which for us was rather low”
  • “I love the multiway seat (parent or outward facing) made our child drift off without complaint”
  • “Very large sun canopy with pop-out visor - great for the summer and the carrycot had this too”

Read our full UPPABaby Cruz review

You can buy the UPPABaby Cruz from John Lewis, Amazon and Natural Baby Shower


Silver Cross Zest, £145

Suitable from birth, but only front facing

Heritage brand Silver Cross is consistently one of the top sellers of lightweight strollers with its Zest.

Weighing 5.8kg, it still manages to be sturdy and robust. More unusually for a lightweight, it boasts a large under-seat basket. The current version is also suitable from birth as the seat lies flat enough, although you may want to use it for shorter journeys with a new baby.

Positive comments from parents include:

  • “We got it for our holiday across Europe, as it was lightweight, easy to fold and get in and out of the car. Our little girl is now 15 months old and we use it every day around town and on weekend trips.”
  • “It comes with a rain cover which actually covers the pushchair, and has a parent window.”
  • “Importantly for us it is ultra lightweight and compact, fitting into my little hatchback boot no problem. It has lasted for years and the folding is easy.”
  • “The basket is great and easily accessible. My 5 year old can also still fit in it!”

Read the full Silver Cross Zest review here

You can buy the Silver Cross Zest from Amazon


Cybex Priam, £775

Suitable from birth with carrycot

Another very attractive pushchair that’s not only comfy for your baby, but also has a huge range of seat options and wheels for using on different terrains.

It folds with the seat unit in place and can be used in place of a highchair in cafes as the seat is placed high on the frame.

It’s also praised for being easy to push, with great one-handed steering control, and having a spacious basket and storage pockets.

A new version has just been launched, which features a 2-in-1 carrycot/seat, which means that you don’t need a separate bassinet, like the iCandy Peach 4.

Great parent reviews include:

  • “We have a standard VW Golf and the Cybex fits in the boot with room to spare, as the frame folds completely flat”
  • “The bassinet is so comfy our 2 month old baby falls asleep as soon as he is laid down it”
  • "It’s light, folds down in one and is easy to push”
  • “This is an amazing easy-to-use pram”
  • “When you move to the stroller style seat it folds down together, plus it is also very roomy”

Read our full review of the Cybex Priam

Buy the Cybex Priam from Mamas & Papas, Bournemouth Baby Centre and Natural Baby Shower


Baby Jogger City Mini, £299

Suitable from birth with near lieflat seat or additional carrycot

Baby Jogger prides itself on its buggies having one-handed Quick-Fold technology, and this is definitely one of the winning features that has impressed parents.

But it’s also the ease with which the City Mini handles all sorts of terrain that earns its praise.

“It’s a buggy made for gravel walks, grassy routes and crooked paths,” according to our MFM reviewer. “It's just so easy to use!” enthused one parent.

Other positive comments include:

  • “I really like the easy quick fold system: you can fold it, carry it and chuck it in the boot one handed”
  • “The seat unit is very roomy, even at nearly two, my son could stretch out and lie down on his back, side or front and comfortably nap”
  • “It folds in half, very flat, although it is quite wide so would take up a fair amount of space in smaller boots, however other items can be loaded on top without worrying about damage/scratches”
  • “It's so light, easy to manoeuvre and folds in seconds. It's just so easy which is what you need when you’re out and about”

Read the full MFM review of the Baby Jogger City Mini

Buy the Baby Jogger City Mini from Amazon, Very, or John Lewis


Joie Chrome, £250

Suitable from birth

Known for offering innovative products at great prices, Joie has produced a very popular good value travel system with the Chrome.

It’s also slightly lighter than many other competitor travel systems, weighing in under 10kg, and folds up very compactly. “I love my Chrome!” enthused one mum, while another stated “A great budget travel system”.

Other positive comments include:

  • “For the money it's a great little pram that is easy to assemble and transport around. It’s lightweight yet feels sturdy”
  • “It has a large basket which is easy to access even with the carrycot on which often does happen with other prams”
  • “It’s good for going up and down kerbs”
  • “It looks good for the price and fits neatly into our Vauxhall Corsa”

Read the full Joie Chrome review

You can buy the Joie Chrome from Argos, Smyths Toys

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