Each year, the first stage of our judging process always involves home testers, who provide feedback on each and every product that enters the awards. However, that's only the beginning. Once feedback is in, a series of live judging days take place, where our editorial team joins forces with experts from across the parenting world to judge each category as a group. We look closer at the details, compare entries across the category and deep dive into some of the feedback our home testers have shared.


Through this judging process, we really get to know all the products that have entered, and we often act as home testers ourselves: after all, we're parents too. Across the MadeForMums team we have families with kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Combined with thoroughly examining them on judging days, we find there's often no better way to put the most exciting entries through their paces than to take them home and test them out ourselves.

That's where our Editor's Choices come in: these are the products our editors just can't get out of their heads. They're the hidden gems, unusual products that don't quite fit into their category, or clever innovations that we felt were worth highlighting this year. As with all the other winners, we've combined our views with feedback from our home testers to show you exactly why they made the cut.

iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair bundle, from £1,099

MFMA_iCandyorange4_Editors Choice

Why it’s a winner: With 30 different configurations available, the iCandy Orange 4 is a single footprint pram that can easily convert to a double or twin pushchair by adding an extra carrycot or seat. There’s also an integrated ride on board, meaning this is a pram that will really grow with your family. Suitable from birth (with carrycot) up to 25kg, the carrycot is suitable for permanent overnight sleeping, and seats can be configured in parent and world facing modes. A variety of clever and useful features are included, such as elevator adaptors to increase interaction between you and your child, the Roll Up & Dine feature (meaning your baby can join in with family meal times), a one-handed seat recline with three positions, and a fold with the seat unit in place. Our judges felt this was a premium product that offered a wide variety of different options to parents of multiples or babies and toddlers, and we were super impressed with this upgrade to a pushchair we've always rated for its adaptability.

In the words of parent tester Jessica, who tested this with their 4.5 month old and 2.5 year old: "This pram really felt like it was a level up to other, cheaper, prams I'd used. For twin parents it would be an amazing option to grow and adapt along with your babies. It is sleek, streamlined and comfortable. I loved all the additional features and felt like it has been well designed with ease for parents in mind."

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Buy from: iCandy and Kiddies Kingdom

Babymoov Yoo Go Plus Video Monitor, £129.99

Babymoov YOO Go Plus Video Monitor - Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: Babymoov has always impressed us when it comes to portable, wire-free baby monitors, but this latest model is so much more than just a travel monitor: it's perfect for everyday use, too. It's almost a bonus that it's so handy for taking on holiday or moving between rooms. The camera comes with a number of fitting options, which also makes it a handy option for renters worried about making marks or drilling holes in the wall. The 5" parent monitor gives a clear view, features 2-way talk and is voice-activated to save power. Overall, we were really impressed with everything this has to offer at a competitive price, and security-conscious parents will be comforted to hear it doesn't require Wi-Fi to run, either.

In the words of parent tester Ceri who tested this with their 11 month old: "From set up to use I feel like this camera is perfect! There is no messing about, the camera just clips onto the side of the crib/cot and stays well without moving. The monitor is clear and has simple parent-friendly buttons that are quick to get used to. It's that simple I'm sure my 6 year old would of been able to set it up."

Buy from: Babymoov and Natural Baby Shower

Mam Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles, from £9.60

Mam bottles – Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: Although some of our expert judges questioned the number of small parts that make up Mam's bottles, the comments from our home testers spoke for themselves: parents love these bottles. In fact, of all the bottle-feeding parents who signed up to test products during our awards this year, 60% of them use or planned to use Mam bottles as part of their feeding journey. The self-sterilising feature is the real winner here: the bottles can be disassembled, washed, stacked and sterilised in the microwave with a tiny bit of water in just a few minutes. The SkinSoft silicone teat was also a hit (Mam says 94% of babies accept it) and the vented bottle base is designed to help regulate pressure and airflow to help treat gas and colic-like symptoms. All in all, this makes for a reliable option if you're new to bottle feeding and don't know where to start.

In the words of parent tester Fiona, who tested these with their 5 month old: "I found these bottles extremely easy to use. The lids are easy to pop on and off and the self sterilising function is very handy especially when visiting friends and family or even when I wanted to sterilise quickly on it's own. There are clear instructions in the box which I found were simple to understand."

Buy from: Mamas & Papas, Boots

Baboodle Baby Equipment Rental, £5 - £120 per month

Baboodle Baby Product Rental Service – Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: When we first looked into this baby gear rental service, we imagined parents using it to rent travel items, such as cabin-friendly strollers, or travel cots. Although these products are available through Baboodle's slick and easy-to-navigate online platform, our home testers were far more imaginative, hiring items like a pricey pregnancy pillow, a TENS machine, a UV steriliser and a Perfect Prep machine. They felt the service was brilliant in offering a chance to use short-term products without filling the house with stuff, and we completely agree. Baboodle has a well-curated range of baby essentials, and offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to try or use premium items.

In the words of Hannah, mum of 3: "Most of the products on their website would have been well out of our budget to purchase for ourselves, however the monthly hire cost is much more affordable for many, and plus it means once baby has outgrown the need for that product you don't need to find valuable loft space to store it until it's used again or sold on – it's a much more sustainable way to kit out a baby."

Buy from: Baboodle

Voksi Adventure, £169

Voksi Adventure footmuff – Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: Footmuffs are non-negotiable for most of us given the changeable UK weather, but they can be really pricey. There's no denying the Voksi Adventure sits at the top end of the market, but we were really impressed when we examined it alongside more traditional fleecy or fluffy pushchair liners. Resembling a cocoon sleeping bag, it's filled with lightweight down that compresses into a small bag, and it's windproof and water repellent. A particularly useful detail is the zip-up arm openings, which mean you don't have to unzip the entire top section if your child needs a snack or a drink. For outdoorsy families who want something that stays put, folds down small and keep their child cosy in all weathers, this is definitely a great investment.

In the words of parent tester Robyn who tested this with their 2-year-old son: "It definitely does the job, it kept my son very warm during a walk in very high winds and the fact you can zip their arms inside is great. It's also then very easy to quickly unzip the arm holes so they can use their hands for say a snack or drink. The compression bag is great and extremely easy to pack away and also very quick to attach to the buggy, no complicated fastenings just a quick rip of velcro."

Buy from: Natural Baby Shower

Edurino Early Numbers and Shapes With Robin, £44.99

Edurino – Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: Although screen time can be a divisive topic amongst parents, we can probably all agree that if children are given time with a tablet, it's most beneficial if they're engaging in an educational way. Edurino does just that, turning an iPad, Android or Fire tablet into an interactive learning game. The box contains a figurine and a pen that bring the app to life, and you can purchase other figures to expand your child's learning through different topics (like design, coding and reading). Our home testers were really impressed at how much it kept their children engaged, and we love that it offers a safe but exciting digital learning experience, with no further in-app purchases or ads.

In the words of parent tester Joanne who tested this with their 5-year-old daughter: "This has become a favourite in our household. The engaging platform seamlessly combines learning and play, capturing our daughter's interest in math and sparking a newfound curiosity in electronics and computers. Our daughter not only enjoys the educational aspect but also loves playing with the figure separately."

Buy from: Amazon

Joie Finiti Flex Travel Ready Bundle, £695

Joie Finiti Flex travel bundle – Editor's Choice

Why it's a winner: Our testers and judges were extremely impressed by the quality and value of this travel system from Joie, which includes the Finiti pushchair, the spacious and comfortable Ramble XL carry cot, the i-Level Recline car seat, and spinning i-Base Encore. The Finiti features some impressive and intuitive features to help parents, including a removable bag on the basket, gated bumper bar, pocket at the back of the seat unit and adjustable handlebar. Our testers reported that this travel system was very smooth to push and easy to use, with an intuitive fold.

In the words of parent tester Heidi, who tested this with their 3 month old: "The design exceeded our expectations and we even managed to put it together without reading the instruction manual. It feels very well made and sturdy. It’s quite compact and light enough to lift it up and pop it in the boot of your car."

Buy from: John Lewis

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Hat, £30 - £35

Little Hotdog Watson arctic cub hat

Why it's an Editor's Choice: The whole team fell for these super-fun, high quality winter hats. Although they're definitely an investment when it comes to price, they're a cut above in terms of quality and features, offering water-resistant outers, Thinsulate linings and the softest faux fur we've come across. This really is a product that combines thoughtful functionality with serious style. The prints are unique to the brand, and there are lots of striking unisex designs to choose from as well as metallic options which – much to our excitement – also come in adult sizes.

In the words of parent tester Cali, who tested this with their 7-year-old daughter: "It's hard to find a hat which is waterproof, warm and up to my 7 year old's fashion standards but this ticked every box. This hat has been perfect for the school run, it is so, so warm. It held up perfectly in the snow and the waterproof outer meant my daughter didn't have a damp hat at break time."

Buy from: Little Hotdog Watson

Water Babies Fish Toys, £10 each

Water Babies fish toys

Why it's an Editor's Choice: Don't underestimate how passionate parents get about bath toys. Good ones can make the bath time battle all the more manageable, but bad ones can end up mouldy, smelly and tatty quite quickly. Water Babies has nailed it with these colourful fish, which are fully sealed so they'll never get nasty inside, and made from natural latex rubber which is safe for your babies to chew. With this in mind, they double up as teethers, giving you a bit more bang for your buck. Our favourite is Inky, a black and white spotted fish which is perfect for adding an extra level of sensory stimulation for newborns.

In the words of parent tester Marie, who tested these with their 7-month-old son: "The quality of this bath toy is excellent. The rubber appears to be robust and the ink good quality. It was bright and eye catching, and I think the big eyes on the fish attracted the attention of my baby. I loved the fact it didn't have any air holes in it, I'm paranoid about those toys that grow mould after a while but this won't and it's really reassuring."

Buy from: Amazon

Kit & Kin Plant-based Refillable Cleaning Range, £3.99 - £10.99

Kit & Kin plant-based refillable cleaning products – Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: We were seriously impressed with this cleaning range, which combines good performance with strong eco credentials and aesthetically-pleasing packaging. The range uses plant-based, 100% naturally derived ingredients that have serious cleaning power. Our testers were genuinely surprised at how well they products performed, particularly the dishwasher tablets and the laundry liquid, which is accredited by Allergy UK. The citrus-powered all-purpose cleaner is now my go-to for things like my son's high chair and placemat. The icing on the cake is the option to buy refill pouches, which drastically reduces the amount of single-use plastic in the range.

In the words of parent tester Suzy, who tested these with their 1-year-old daughter: "The refillable bottles are stylish and simple. The scents of the products are light and natural, echoing the ethos of the brand, and the fact the company will collect and reuse/recycle the refill bags when you have over 10 is a great incentive to be more sustainable in packaging choices. I feel the quality is great and makes me feel comfortable using them around my baby."

Buy from: Kit and Kin

WonderFold W4 Luxe Stroller Wagon, £1,248

Wonderfold wagon – Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: We get asked about wagons a lot, but good ones for transporting children have been hard to come by in the UK until recently, as most are designed to carry stuff, not people. Step up Wonderfold, a brand that saw a gap in the market and engineered a high-performance wagon that'll hold up to 4 kids in removable, raisable seats with 5-point safety harnesses. Our testers did find that even folded it's a squeeze to get it into most car boots, and as you'd imagine it's heavy to push/pull when it's at capacity. But there is no denying this is a serious piece of kit for families that are serious about the outdoor life, and we were very excited to get our hands on it.

In the words of parent tester Victoria, mum of 3: "My children (and a couple of their friends who hitched a lift on occasions) absolutely LOVED it. The seats were comfortable, and even reclined, and the 5-point harness is padded. Every time I used it I had so many remarks on it from friends, family and even strangers. On taking it to Legoland for the day I had about five strangers coming up to me to ask where I got it from."

Buy from: Baby Central

Brush-Baby Gum and Dental-care Products, £2 - £29.99

Brush Baby gum and dental-care range – Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: We're fans of anything that helps get kids brushing their teeth, and Brush-Baby's impressive range covers all bases, from gentle products for early teethers right through to the popular Wild Ones electric toothbrushes, which a number of our staff members use with their own children (it was a sad, sad day when my son realised he couldn't have one of each animal). The products really impressed both our team and our home testers, but the brand also gets extra brownie points for supplying parents and caregivers with reward stickers and activity packs, discounts, help and advice through its free Smilestones club.

In the words of parent tester Isabelle, who tested this with their 2-year-old daughter: "What was really lovely was the electric toothbrush made her feel 'grown up' and we could both brush our teeth together. She actively asks to brush her teeth now which she never used to do before receiving these products. She gets so excited to choose her sticker when she has finished cleaning her teeth. It has made toothbrushing more manageable and enjoyable for us both."

Buy from: Boots

Stria Lab Stretch Mark Treatment Kit, £55

Stria Lab stretch mark treatment kit – Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: Stretch marks show what your amazing body is capable of, and those little lines tell the story of how the body changes and adapts, particularly during pregnancy. Nobody – especially new mums – should feel ashamed of them, or pressured to do anything about them. However, we know that in reality there are lots of people out there who are keen to reduce their appearance, and if that's you, then this impressive, Science-backed kit is one to investigate further. It contains TECA, one of two ingredients in the world clinically proven to minimise the appearance of stretch marks. It also contains ingredients that target skin texture and comes paired with a microneedling tool that encourages skin repair. It takes time and effort to see big results, but the short-term ones are pretty impressive too, thanks to the "silk stocking" effect of the cream itself.

In the words of parent tester Mariyam, mum of 2: "It's very easy to use. You literally need a pea sized amount which absorbs into the skin. It leaves a nice silky feel to the skin. It has a nice smell, not too strong and overbearing...I've seen great results. It's helped stop the itching my stretch marks were giving me."

Buy from: Stria Lab

Cosatto Woosh Trail, £269

Cosatto Woosh Trail - Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: Described by the brand as a "lightweight, spacious, multi-terrain, compact-fold stroller," this competitively-priced buggy offers a smart solution for parents who want something that works as a day-to-day buggy, but will also handle slightly trickier paths and terrains. Cantilever shock-absorbing suspension promises a smooth ride, despite the fact the puncture-proof wheels are quite nippy compared to true all-terrain models. The benefit of this is the whole pushchair is still light enough to fold down – and you can pull along beside you thanks to its built-in handle. It's also designed to be spacious in the seat, with a weight limit of 25kg that makes it a great option for larger or taller children.

In the words of parent tester Eva, mum of 2: "The stroller is so smooth! It feels very lightweight, yet sturdy and secure. We tried it on pavements, grass (garden, park, off road) and sand and we were impressed. Pushing, steering and pulling is so effortless. Extra points for the large back wheels making it easier to tackle any curbs and steps."

Buy from: Cosatto

Bumbo Multiseat, £67.50

Bumbo Multi Seat – Editor's Choice

Why it's an Editor's Choice: We saw some amazing high chairs this year, and definitely felt that the market is moving even further towards sustainable wooden chairs that convert to dining furniture for as long as your child lives at home. But for those who don't want to invest in more large items for the home the Bumbo Multiseat offers a really functional, safe alternative that turn an existing dining chair, or even the floor, into a safe place to wean or feed a toddler. Smart design details like the removable tray and padding extend its use and longevity, and you know with Bumbo that you're getting safety

In the words of parent tester Suzanne who tested this with their 8-month-old son: "I have found myself using the multi seat every day, whether as a floor seat for my son to play safely whilst I put the washing in, or away from home as a high chair. It is so versatile, with the benefit of being compact and having everything it needs built in."


Buy from: Bumbo

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