Identical twins - chance or genetics?

Fact 1:1 in 250 pregnancies result in identical twins.


Fact 2: 22% of twins are left-handed (compared to 10% for single babies).

Fact 3: Identical twins share the same DNA but have different fingerprints.

Fact 4: The average twin pregnancy lasts only 37 weeks, while the average single pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.

Fact 5: Scientists believe that there may be a genetic linkage to having fraternal twins, not identical, but only on the mother’s side.

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Fact 6: Because identical twins developed from the same split egg and were fertilized by the same sperm, they share exact matches of their DNA.

Fact 7:If the mother herself is a fraternal twin, she is five times more likely to have twins.

Fact 8:Twins have been known to develop their own dialect, or language. This is known as "cryptophasia", and only they can understand what is being said.

Fact 9:The term "twin" derives from the ancient German word "twine" meaning "two together".

Fact 10: There's no hereditary trait that influences a predisposition to having identical twins. Identical twins do not run in families. Although there are families with a high incidence of identical twins, it is due to chance, coincidence or plain good luck.