Water baby

If you're heading off on holiday this summer with your little baby in tow, keep her warm and snuggly in a wetsuit, so that she can enjoy a paddle or swim in the water too!


Baby wetsuits are made of heat insulating Neoprene fabrics, which ensure that your little one won't catch a chill in the water and will be protected from the sun too!

Check our pick of the best baby wetsuits for your baby to enjoy.


Splish splosh

The BabySnug is made from soft and flexible 1mm neoprene and is double lined with strong nylon. It's snug and keeps babies away from the cold water temperatures and provides total sun protection.

BabySnug suit, £22.99, available from Splash About.

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Available from ages newborn - 18 months.


Safe suit

Brilliant for babies with eczema! This suit keeps the skin treatment creams on the skin and doesn't let any water in, plus the fabrics will not aggravate the eczema.

Eczema suit, £23.99, available at Swimbabes.

Available from ages 3-6 months.


Make a splash

Made from high quality neoprene, these wetsuits keep body heat in and offer great insulation, which means babies can stay in the water for longer.

Baby wetsuit, £18, JoJo Maman Bebe.

Available from ages 0-18 months.



Designed to keep your baby warm and happy in the swimming pool, plus there's a funky design on the back.

Zoggs baby wetsuit, £17.99, available at Swimbabes.


Available from ages 0-2 years.