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Why your baby not sleeping through isn't always as bad as it seems

Sleep-deprived mums share the positive side to the broken nights...

Now, before we go any further with this article... we want to acknowledge that if you have had a few bad nights' sleep and feel constantly exhausted, we're really not trying to be flippant and say it's all great.


Here at MFM HQ, the team totally gets that the sleep interruption that comes with having a baby can be a real shocker and will totally knock you for six.

But, we also want to share that some of our mums reckon there IS an upside to the night-time waking.

When we shared a story on Facebook about how Jamie and Jools Oliver had hired a night nurse once 5th baby River Rocket came along, some of you said you'd jump at the chance to hire nighttime help if you had the cash - but plenty more of you found those twilight moments with your little ones rather precious.

"I can understand why he would want to, but the only alone time I really got with my 2nd child was at night and I loved every minute of it.

"It's over in flash. And when their teething and upset etc the person they want most is mum or dad not hired help..." says Laura C.

And Nichola B agrees: "Some of the most beautiful moments you spend with your child are in the middle of the night when everyone else is fast asleep!"

Hayley H puts it like this: "I've bounced off so many door frames on my way to make a bottle where I'm so tired but it's that moment they look you right in the eye and wrap their little hand round your finger it just melts you... just you and your baby cuddled in together."

Awwww! Well, we have to say if you are up (right now, even) with a restless baby, we hope these comments make you feel a bit better.

Though, of course, there's no shame in admitting you would go for the night nurse option if you could. As Michelle D says: "Hell yes [I'd have a night nurse]! I've not slept for a year.

"If someone can help me not feel like a total zombie then why not?!"

What do you think?

Do you enjoy the quiet night time moments with your baby or are you looking forward to the time your baby sleeps through? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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