Jamie Oliver has revealed he and his wife Jools have employed a night nurse to help with new baby River Rocket, after ending up feeling 'battered' after 5 long weeks of sleep deprivation - not that you'd ever know it from his fresh-as-a-daisy daddy and bubba snap above, mind.


The celebrity chef and dad-of-5 was talking to Sarah Brett and Nihal Arthanayake on BBC Radio 5 Live's Afternoon Edition show when he made his frank confession.

Little River arrived in the world back in August, and Jamie and Jools have been keeping fans and well-wishers updated on his progress via their Instagram accounts, sharing lots of snaps of the little boy and his mega-cute sibs - and the gorge family pics never once gave any indication that life in the Oliver household was anything less than serene.

But Jamie said he and Jools made the decision to get some overnight help because the sleepless nights were just not compatible with his current hectic filming schedule.

"Sleep deprivation makes the most wonderful people just, unreasonable," he admitted.

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"It's really, really hard whether it's your first or your fifth. It hit us hard this year, really hard, because you know we've got two teenagers and it's teenagers things, and you've got a 6 and a 7-year-old as well, and they're up as well, I mean it was hard this time round."

"For the first time ever I've got a night nurse, and she started a week ago, so 5 weeks in, so you know, we got battered for 5 weeks, and I was trying to help out, and do the night feed, and then go and do 15 hours of filming at the end of Southend pier, and that was tough, I've got to say."

River Rocket

"But it is just routine really, routine, and all the classics like colic, and burping and not rushing the baby, and it's hard. Any parent out there knows the drill, I mean they use sleep deprivation as the most incredible form of torture."

We totally get where Jamie is coming from with this - sleep deprivation is a killer, right? And if you have the dosh available to get some extra help in, then why not?

However, we did have to have a giggle about it all when Jamie posted this pic on his Instagram account this morning - one smiley little fella seems VERY happy with the new night time arrangements - and is obviously totes oblivious to any disruption he may have been causing!

Pics: Jamie Oliver/Instagram

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