18 weaning Instagram accounts you need to follow now

Looking for baby led weaning inspiration? Perhaps you're running out of ideas for baby meals - or just don't know where to start? Our guide to the best BLW Instagrams to follow should help...


Coming up with exciting new foods for your little one to try during weaning can get quite tough – especially if you’re not a natural whizz in the kitchen.


Luckily, there’s loads of inspiration for baby led weaning every which way you turn. Firstly, there’s some great ideas on the MadeForMums weaning app – and tons of stuff on Instagram, too.

Check out the best weaning inspo Instagrams to follow now…

1. Noah’s BLW Journey


2. Katyslator86


Follow for: vegan or dairy-free recipe ideas

3. Nurturing A Peach


4. At The Table With Toby

at the table with toby

5. Dino_Fuel


6. What Lilly Eats

what lilly eats

7. Arlo Eats


8. Parker The Hungry Fox

parker hungry fox

9. Zayne’s Plate

zaynes plate

Follow for: amazingly colourful baby/toddler meals, and swipe for how to make yourself. Plus, honest captions sharing what little Zayne did and didn’t eat.

10. What Noah Eats

what noah eats

11. BLW Menu


12. Organic Food For Kids

organic food for kids

Follow for: what it says on the tin – organic recipe ideas only. Ideas also work for kids of multiple ages!

13. Diary Of A Fat English Girl

diary of a fat english girl

Follow for: BLW inspo – and mum Sarah’s slimming world journey. She lost over 112lb pre-baby ???

14. The Unpicky Eaters

unpicky eaters

Follow for: ideas that don’t require big bursts of time in the kitchen. Simple, yet still yum!

15. Baby Weaning Fun

baby weaning fun

16. Zeke’s Treats

zekes treats

17. Baby Led Solids

baby led solids

18. Mimi’s Bowl

mimis bowl

Follow for: ideas for picky bits and generally lovely food photography. 

P.S. Here’s how to download the MadeForMums weaning app

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