There are loads of 'dad influencers' on Instagram - posting funny pics, writing oh-so-relatable posts, and just generally winning at social media.


But since you can't follow literally every one (well, maybe you can!), here's our pick of some of the coolest Instagram dads to brighten up your feed...

1. The Dad Lab


Follow for: Dad Sergei Urban's amazing experiment vids. Just the crafty inspiration we need when we're scrolling through social?

2. The.LEGO.Dad

lego dad

Follow for: some LOLworthy, genius, bang-on-the-money memes.

3. Papa Pukka


Follow for: witty captions like, "Honestly, it's like I'm just popping straight back into shape. #beachbodyready" ?

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4. The Honest Dad

honest dad

Follow for: Well, the reason's right there in the name... plus he judged MadeForMums Awards 2018, so ya know, some good content there ?

5. London_Dad


Follow for: Gregory Stanton's cool, black and white pics of his day to day life, but also loads of anecdotes about parenting in the big city.

6. Life With Micah

life with micah

Follow for: this gorgeous 'gram following the life of Micah Quinones, who was born with Trisomy/21 Downs Syndrome. This superstar son has also been on the cover of Vogue with model mum Amanda Booth! The picture perfect account is run by dad Mike.

7. JonathanJoly

jonathan joly

Follow for: one half of the Irish vlogging couple The SacconeJolys, Jonathan's 1M+ Instagram gives further insight into his life with 3 kids.

8. Father Of Daughters

father of daughters

Follow for: dad-of-4 Simon Hooper's wide-eyed selfies and knowing captions - all about family life with his 2 daughters, his twin girls and his wife Clemmie.

9. Ice Mike Love Asia

ice mike loves asia

Follow for: single dad Mike, from Texas, and his amazing hairstyles for his little girl, Asia. Just look at that heart-shaped bun. One of many amazing pics! He's got 1M followers - they can't be wrong.

10. Triplet Dad Of 4

triplet dad of 4

Follow for: Chris and wife Jessica's journey with son Sullivan, conceived via IVF, and their IVF triplets on the way!

11. The Multi Dad

multi dad

Follow for: seriously cute twin and toddler pics, plus the reality of life with multiple little ones.

12. How To Be A Dad

how to be a dad

Follow for: reposted pics, funny memes, and lots of general parenting chat.

13. Dad Blog UK


Follow for: insights into what it feels like to be a stay-at-home dad of 8 years

14. Dad Download

dad download

Follow for: funny pics, lots of laundry - all through a gorgeously grey filter.

15. Not So Funny Dad

not so funny dad

Follow for: the complete opposite of his Nigel's username! Lots of funny parenting moments, like this staring contest with his toddler.

16. The FMLY Man

fmly man

Follow for: a dad blog run by Selfish Mother. Lots of general chat, seems to be a bit of dad fashion chat, too.

17. Dad For It

dad for it

Follow for: dad Adam's adventure with his cutie pie toddler son, Fenh.

18. Dad Says Jokes

dad says jokes

Follow for: classic dad jokes, of course!

19. The Real Dads Of New York

real dads of new york

Follow for: 2 dads raising their little one in New York - lots of scenic backdrops, fun family selfies and wedding flashbacks. Aw!

20. A Day In The Life Dad

a day in the life dead

Follow for: pics from dad Jamie Day's life with his little ones.

21. thedailydad


Follow for: Witty memes like the above (you won't be able to stop scrolling!)

22. lunchboxdad


Follow for: the most ridiculously amazing looking packed lunches we've ever seen!

23. dadandburied


Follow for: More pithy memes and lols on the woes and joys of parenting...


P.S. We don't know if you've noticed but we've been *kinda* obsessed with Instagram lately. You can give us a follow here ?

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