57 Instagram mums to follow right now

Not sure which mum bloggers and influencers to follow? Here's the MadeForMums guide to all of the inspiring, hilarious, stylish and super honest mums on Instagram...


There are SO many amazing mums to follow on Instagram! Honestly, we think our website would break if we tried to list every single one of ’em here ?


But whether you’re new to motherhood and looking for like-minded mums to connect with, or are just a bit bored and find yourself scrolling for new content – we’ve got a brilliant list of fab Instagram mums to get you started ?

By no means is this list definitive, or in any particular order. We’ll be keeping it updated, and we can’t wait to find out which mum Instagrams you’re loving in the comments below, on Facebook and of course, on Instagram!

Here are 60 mum accounts to follow on Instagram now…

1. The Unmumsy Mum aka Sarah Turner

unmumsy mum

Follow for: funny quotes, post-birth nappy pics, relatable snapshots of her life as a mum of 3 boys – and many, many cute snaps of her 3rd baby, Wilf, who we think is fair to say has been a bit of a crier! We’ve been there ?

Family facts for The Unmumsy Mum blogger Sarah Turner

2. Scummy Mummies aka Ellie and Helen

scummy mummies

Follow for: not one but TWO hilarious mummies (Helen’s pictured), smiley selfies, frank captions, honest mum body snaps, and 2 bloody brilliant gold bodysuits ?

3. Brogan Georgiou

brogan georgiou

Follow for: original quotes you’ll SO relate to, lots of chit chat in the comments and everyday parenting moments: from kids in the supermarket and wearing dressing gowns on the sofa.

Our faves? The tongue-in-cheek attempts at ‘perfect’ family snaps, like this one!

4. Just Another Mum Blogger aka Maya Moda

maya moda

Follow for: bump pics, mum mental health chat, and more motherhood through a dreamy pink filter, from mum-of-2 Maya.

5. Abi Fields

abi fields

Follow for: Abi’s not an ‘influencer’ or blogger, just a regular mum with a suuuper cute son, documenting highlights and milestones with pale/purpley-toned pics. Lovely.

6. Life With Micah

life with micah

Follow for: super stylish shots and child modelling realness from the mum (and dad) of Micah Quinones. This little boy from America, who has Down’s Syndrome, has already appeared on Vogue covers with his model mama Amanda Booth.

7. Mother Of Five Boys aka Faye Gooding

mother of five boys

Follow for: 5 adorable lads – often in matching outfits. Serious baby and toddler style inspo ahead. As well as some family travel tips!

8. Hurrah For Gin

hurrah for gin

Follow for: unique stick drawings illustrating a variety of conversations with little kids – who refuse to help us remember it’s World Book Day. As if we don’t have enough going on?!

9. MadeForMums

madeformums instagram

Hehe, we know this is cheeky, but… follow (us) for: brand new buggy previews, celeb gossip, raw post-baby body pics, honest views, everyday parenting stories, amazing giveaways AND loads of behind the scenes action (from MFM Awards, The Toy Awards, The Baby Show, and more…)

10. Ella’s Mamaa

ellas mama

Follow for: reminders to be happy, original quotes all about gratitude and happiness, blog posts and all that general mum stuff we love.

11. Teeclutter


Follow for: a London mum’s fashion selfies – dungarees, long dresses and tee-and-trousers inspo that isn’t *totally* out of reach for us regular folk.

12. Orbyn


Follow for: sweet mum-and-sons selfies, with a strong caption game to go with ‘em ???

13. Junior Magazine Online

junior magazine online

Follow (our sister site) for: the ultimate kids’ style inspiration, the best-in-class of parenting product design, spotlights on independent and small brands, the #JuniorBookClub and #JuniorJaunt holiday reviews [green heart emoji]

14. Selfish Mother

selfish mother

Follow for: a poppy ‘Instazine’ (or Instagram magazine), comprised of 9 squares featuring videos, shopping guides, and opinion pieces. Comes every other Wednesday. Selfish Mother herself posts the odd life pic, too, in between.

15. Natasha Bailie

natasha bailie

Follow for: empowering stories, mum mental health chats, and funny re-grammed letterboard quotes. Here’s Natasha doing the #ShoutieSelfie for Maternal Mental Health Week.

16. Style Me Sunday aka Natalie

natalie style me sunday

Follow for: Natalie’s self-described ‘fashion with feeling’. Expect lots of mum body positivity, baring all, and selfies – as well as a little bit of ‘cool mum’ clothes inspo.

17. The Trigger Twins

trigger twins

Follow for: pics of mum Amy’s twin girls in matching outfits guaranteed to brighten your day, with a little bit of their weaning journey thrown into the mix.

18. Anna Williamson

anna williamson

Follow for: pics of TV presenter, author and life coach Anna’s day-to-day with toddler son Vincenzo, plus lots of gross-out parenting moments you’ll so relate to, and some much-need and very welcomed frank chats about postnatal depression and perinatal anxiety, both of which Anna’s experienced.

19. Mums And Tea


Follow for: a little bit of everything – funny quotes, inspirational ones, weaning chat, mum style, toddler pics and info on her Mums and Tea monthly meet up group.

20. Constance Hall

constance hall

Follow for: the Aussie mum-blogging queen’s brand of realness, story-esque captions, a pretty open view of her life with husband Denim and their brood of kids, plus as of April 2018 lots of bare-it-all bump selfies.

21. Tess Holliday

tess holliday

Follow for: plus-size fashion, feminism convos, American politics chat, and lots of getting-down-to-it posts about how motherhood ain’t always easy.

22. Celeste Barber

celeste barber

Follow for: the ‘average mum’ version of all those glossy, glamorous celeb pics most of us can’t really relate to. So, yeah, lots of bikinis and undies and proud, beautiful mumtum displays. Her captions are always spot on, so you’re guaranteed a laugh if Celeste is in your feed.

23. Tina VB

tina vb

Follow for: word boards filled with anecdotes about every aspect of mum life that will have you nodding along, plus lots of post-baby body honesty, which we can never get enough of.

24. Funning Up My Life

funning up my life

Follow for: tea-lover and parent blogger Rowan’s not-so-shiny take on motherhood. Just looks real – with some great, personal snaps like the above.

25. Laura Bentley

aussie mum

Follow for: a glimpse into the life of an Aussie mum in Queensland – with 4 young kids!

26. My Brown Baby aka Denene Miller

denene miller

Follow for: well, have you ever wondered what its like to be a NYT bestselling author? Denene’s also the editor of My Brown Baby.

27. The Mattie Jane

mattie jane

Follow for: cool (but not so-out-there-you-could-never-steal-her) mum style from Atlanta-based mum Mattie Jane. Follow for family pics and general kid cuteness, too.

28. Joyful Joyous aka Joy


Follow for: London-based Joy’s take on fashion, beauty and real mum stuff. And captions about mum life we need to read, for example:

“A few months ago I made a pact with myself. I promised to put myself and my needs first and I have to say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made…” ???

29. Brummy Mummy of 2 aka Emma Conway

brummy mummy of 2

Follow for: Emma’s signature sense of humour – which you’ll probs know already from her vlogs. Think funny selfies, family outings, lots of dressing gowns – and a little bit of mum style inspo thrown in there, too!

30. Circus Mum


Follow for: mum blogger adventures and lots of gorgeous baby pics!

31. Mummy Tries aka Renee Davis

mummy tries

Follow for: fun family snaps with her 3 gorgeous kids, and Renee’s paleo diet tips and recipes.

32. Becky’s Treasure Baskets

becky treasure baskets

Follow for: everything from baskets of goodies for story time (above) to activity baskets for every room/theme you can think of, plus loads and loads of sensory play ideas.

33. Popitha Twins

popitha twins

Follow for: twin parenting and twin travel posts. Fun fact: these 2 cutes star in Call The Midwife.

34. Life With The Paynes

life with the paynes

Follow for: real talk about infertility and IVF. Katie’s currently posting about her amazing triplet pregnancy journey via IVF.

35. Sarah Cawood

sarah cawood

Follow for: school run life, messy living rooms, silly selfies and ice cream days out. All from TV presenter Sarah Cawood.

36. Positively Katiebee

positively katie bee

Follow for: post-baby fitness that’s not in your face, patronising or pressurising. Woo! In fact, you’re more likely to see a cute baby or cute dog pic, both of which we always love ?

37. The Real Little Birds Mama

real little birds mama

Follow for: pregnancy and mum life played out on the gorgeously sunny beaches of Panama! Neram’s lifestyle might not exactly be ‘relatable’ – but it sure is pretty. Sometimes, it’s fun to enjoy that side of Instagram too, right?

38. Our Tiny Diaries

karen howden our tiny diaries

Follow for: the colourful side of mum life and pregnancy, with chatty and honest captions, from mum blogger Karen, who lives in Devon.

39. Danielle R Bevens

danielle bevens

Follow for: mum life told through LOL-worthy letterboard quotes. A perfectly curated highlights reel from mum-of-2 Danielle, who lives in Canada. Think neutral interiors, lots of plants and stylised mum-baby pics.

40. jademadden

jade madden

Follow for: post-baby body realness AND candy-coloured make-up tutorials. A bit of the glam and not-so-glam, and seeing the funny side in all of it. Example: this before and after make-up snap got us like ???

41. Growing Out And Up

growing out and up

Follow for: a walkthrough first-time motherhood. Lauren gave birth to baby Millie in April 2018. She also shares regular updates from her slimming world journey.

42. Eden Eats

eden eats

Follow for: the funny! Eden’s not afraid to prance around like a loon literally while pumping, and who can forget her AMAZING junk food pregnancy pics?

43. The Fortin Trio


Follow for: brilliantly funny pics depicting the highs and lows of motherhood, from Desiree, a mum of triplets from the States.

44. Our Three Amigos

fortin trio

Follow for: some seeerious triplet cuteness from Kayson, Omari and Dimarco.

45. Busy Philipps

busy philipps

Follow for: her amazing Insta Stories! US actress Busy, who you might know from Freaks & Geeks, Dawson’s Creek or Cougar Town, is now a bona fide social media star.

She broadcasts her every day life from Stories – from work outs, her thoughts on the latest Hollywood goss and motherhood meltdowns and sweet moments with her daughters, 4-year-old Cricket, and 9-year-old Birdie.

Her Stories are SO watchable, she’s even been offered her own talk show on the E! channel ???

46. Louise Pentland

sprinkle of glitter

Follow for: family updates from mum-of-2 and YouTuber Louise, perhaps best known to some as beauty vlogger Sprinkle Of Glitter.

Expect lots of uber cute pics of her newest little one, Pearl, just like the above!

47. Motherhood Reconstructed

motherhood reconstructed

Follow for: a positive online space to celebrate the stories and daily lives of Black British mums. Expect quotes, discussion threads and lots and lots of reposts from fellow mums.

48. Clemmie Telford

clemmie telford

Follow for: the unfiltered and raw post-birth pics, post-baby body snaps, and body talk – scattered among mum blogger Clemmie’s poppier pics.

Some of these are a must-see, and a must-read.

49. Denuptzer


Follow for: the way Anupa King shows motherhood through a dreamy filter and a curated feed, while still keeping it ‘real’ in other ways – like how she’s documented her post-baby body journey since welcoming her 2nd child.

50. Life With A Little Bear aka Leonna

life with a little bear

Follow for: super sweet pics of her new baby Luna Lilac, her life with son Hugo-Blaze, and hints of what it’s like being a MadeForMums product tester!

51. MamasVIB aka Bonita Turner

mamasvib bonnie turner

Follow for: mum style, shopping guides, kids book recommendations and snippets of family travel adventures from lifestyle blogger Bonita. P.S. She’s also the editor of our sister site Junior!

52. Turia Pitt

turia pitt

Follow for: posts about Aussie mum Turia’s life as an athlete – but we’re mainly here for the funny posts about motherhood, and her ‘mind hacks’ for dealing with difficult parenting moments.

Turia’s also a ‘mindset’ coach, so expect real talk from time to time, and lots of positive vibes ❤️

53. Autism Diaries

autism diaries

Follow for: one mum’s journey with her son, who has autism, ADHD and learning difficulties. She also writes a blog.

54. I’m Still Standing Mummy Of 2 aka Cara Newton

im still standing mummy of 2

Follow for: bone cancer survivor Cara as she enjoys her life as a mum of 2, all the while battling to save her leg from amputation.

We’ve been following Cara’s journey for a while now – and we’re all rooting for her! We reckon her positivity in the face of her medical struggles is truly awe-inspiring.

55. Bored Mum And Little One

bored mum little one

Follow for: awesome why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ideas for baby and toddler play, from Lia Quilter, mum to a one-year-old boy.

Highlights so far include ‘messy rice’, easy-to-make sensory bags and even a homemade ball drop for the back garden!

56. The Desiraes

the desiraes

Follow for: mums Erin and Jodi’s journey with their new baby, Evander Rio! Expect lots of cute baby pics from this vlogging couple!

57. Travel Mad Mum

travel mad mum

Follow for: lots and lots of incredible family travel inspo! We should say that if you’re jonesing for a holiday this page might make you feel a little jel…

But if you’re really into travel in general, and want to explore with your little ones, this one’s for you ???

Images: All from Instagram

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