Are we ever more tired, or busy than when we're at home taking care of a new little baby?


We wouldn't dream of speaking for everyone, but we're pretty confident loads of us would say a big fat NO to that question.

Yet ironically, we spend a lot of that time in the house, up-all-hours, with nought else to do bar tend to our tiny babe.

You could glaze over in front of a Netflix boxset, no doubt, but why not doze in front of a film, instead?

As it happens, there are loads of brilliant movies about pregnancy, motherhood, and just family life in general that are ideal for new parents. Some are so good, you may even find yourself staying awake ?

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Check out our pick of 10 fab films for new mums to watch...

For the mum who’s pleased the pregnancy bit’s over… Knocked Up (2007)

You’ve probably already seen Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen angrily and awkwardly fumble their way through 9 months of pregnancy… all unplanned, after a one-night stand.

Really funny, with a Hollywood ending, but by no means a glossy portrait of pregnancy. Which by now, you can look back at, and laugh. Hopefully.

For the mum who desperately needs a nap… Kindergarten Cop (1991)

Let’s be honest: you’re probably not going to have much luck with a nap. You’ve got a newborn. It’s very likely you’re going to be shattered for some time.

So, we’ve picked this film because it's not about newborns (but pre-schoolers!), it’s really easy viewing, and you don’t have to focus too much on the plot – also, we’re pretty sure Arnie won’t mind if you happen to nod off during ?

For the mum who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on… Away We Go (2009)

Films? What are films? If everything’s complete chaos, the 2009 indie movie Away We Go might help ground you a bit.

It’s the story of a couple who haven’t quite got it together, find out they’re about to become parents, and go in search of where best to call ‘home’ for their little one. It’s sweet, and all about finding your feet.

away we go

For the mum going a bit mad stuck in the house… Bad Moms (2016)

Watch Bad Moms, about a bunch of ‘bad’ mums who basically decide to go wild, and it should be enough to inspire you to venture outdoors… at the very least, to the shops.

Alternatively, if you need reminding that the inside of your house is pretty great, watch The Hangover! It's from the same writers... and look what happened when Bradley Cooper and co left their houses.

Utter madness, that's what. Probably fun, but none of them can even remember what happened. Not to mention they found a tiger in the bathroom. The last thing you need when you've got a baby.

Their desperate, hungover search for their long lost bestie might be all laughs and good fun on film – but in real life, hangovers are miserable. Vegas looks cool, but they all just wanted to get home in the end, didn't they? ?

For the mum feeling crowded by (mostly) well-meaning relatives… Monster In Law (2005)

This movie didn’t win any Oscars, and sadly we can't say we're too shocked.

But despite a poor rating, it may still help you deal with all the visitors you have to commiserate with Jennifer Lopez as her soon-to-be mum-in-law Jane Fonda tries mercilessly to destroy her upcoming nuptials to a very handsome doctor.

It's also on Netflix UK right now, so you barely have to make an effort to watch it.

For the mum who needs a good cry… Lion (2016)

If you’re like us, you might occasionally watch or read something purely because you know it’ll tug at your heartstrings and you’ll end up bawling – and it ends up feeling quite cathartic. (Let’s call it ‘crying-at-the-TV-therapy’.)

Well, Oscar nominee Lion is one to do just that. It’s the (true) story of an Indian boy named Saroo, who gets separated from his brother at just 5 years old, and is eventually adopted by Aussie parents.

As an adult, the little boy (now played by Dev Patel) searches for his biological mother in India, all the while making peace with his adoptive mum, played by Nicole Kidman.

bad neighbours

For the mum who’s suddenly feeling very grown up (and scared)… Bad Neighbours (2014)

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are tired, weepy, new parents – who unfortunately end up living next to an extremely loud, party-mad, fraternity house, lead by a tshirt-less Zac Efron.

The battle between them makes for a brilliant, enjoyable comedy – but deep down, the film’s really exploring what it means to grow up, and to be a parent, and tries to figure out: can you have a baby and still be fun?

(Spoiler: obviously, the answer is yes. It’s just not carefree, up all hours, no responsibility fun.)

Bad Neighbours 2 is more of the same. Go for a double bill if you can ?

For the mum who’s doing things her own way… Friends With Kids (2011)

Directed by and starring Jennifer Westfeldt, this small film focuses on 2 platonic besties who decide to have a child together – but their married friends with kids all disapprove.

Who's right? Who's wrong? Well, you'll have to watch to find out. It’s a bit different from your classic boy-meets-girl type story, but of course, a few romantic complications do get in the way…

Look out for male lead Adam Scott, who we came to know and love as Reese Witherspoon's character's hubby in Big Little Lies.

For the mum finding things really, really tough today… Tully (2018)

Charlize Theron stars as Marlo, a struggling mum-of-3 who goes on quite the emotional journey when she’s gifted a night nanny named Tully by a wealthy relative.

Tully’s about as real as it gets when it comes to showing just how hard being a mum is. Hopefully, it’ll be a little reminder that you’re absolutely, 100% not alone…

bridget jones baby poster

For the mum who just fancies a laugh… Bridget Jones Baby (2016)

The 3rd instalment of the Bridget Jones trilogy is all about Bridget: single, in her 40s and unexpectedly pregnant!

Who's the dad? Is it Mark Darcy? Or, a very handsome stranger named Jack (played by Patrick Dempsey) who pops out of nowhere to whisk Bridget off her feet (quite literally)?

As the first 2 Bridget Jones’ films are, it's an immediate classic, and an easy watch. Of course, it's got plenty of funny (and slightly cringe) moments, too. A good laugh all around.

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