If you loved BBC's Motherland and are hankering for something similar, we reckon Netflix's latest acquisition, The Letdown, might just be right up your street.


The Aussie series follows the ups and downs of early mumhood in all its glorious technicolour - absolutely no gloss whatsoever.

(You might get a hint of the LOLs ahead when we tell you one of the cast members is Instagram star Celeste Barber, famous for her hilarious celeb mum rip-off pics.)

In the first episode alone you'll see some strangely familiar mum-shaming of the "Oh, you're not breastfeeding? Oh, you had a C-section?" eye-roll variety ?

There's also uber-awkward post-baby sex which ends up with a session Googling "Can I get pregnant while I'm breasfteeding?" ?

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And mum Audrey's first night out - where she takes the baby with her cos babysitter Kim turns out to be a man - sees her gets ditched by her kid-free mates who pretend to go home, but actually go clubbing.

She ends up crying on a bus as she heads home with her little one. So, yes, this scene has all the feels.


The beginning of the first episode shows a bunch of mums at a baby club, and we have to say we reckon club leader, the oh-so-slightly unenthusiastic Ambrose, says it all when she tells the assembled parents (including a dad who's joined via iPad):

"12 weeks in, has the novelty worn off? You're not number one anymore.

"There's no point whingeing about what you've lost. Think about what you've gained: rounder bottoms, adult acne, haemorrhoids and a small helpless child.

"This is motherhood. You're all in this together." ?

It's pretty irreverent, and though we're only one episode in (not much time to binge-watch when you're a mum), we like the way it's going.

What do you think?

Do you reckon you'll watch The Letdown? Maybe you have already, and if so - what did you think of it?

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