For once, people have been praising a retail giant's ad style ?


It was an Instagram campaign (see above) from Gap, which shows mums in Gap tees breastfeeding a baby, in a cool, causal way – 'cos (for some of us, at least)it's just an everyday, normal thing to do.

All the chat about the ad, though, did bring up the question of whether you actually need specially-designed nursing tops or covers for feeding your baby? Or will a simple V-neck do the trick most of the time?

Writing for The Pool, mum Robyn Wilder admits she loves a low V top when she's indoors. She says:

"In the comfort of my home, where it is temperate and I am free from the prying eyes of Daily Mail commenters, I don’t bother with nursing covers or tops with those specially designed boob-flaps.

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"I just reach into the deep V (or U, if it’s a scoop-neck) of my T-shirt, whack out one of my bazongas and let the baby have at it.

"Short of forgetting to put your boob away when the doorbell goes, V-necks make for very low-stress nursing-wear."

Hmmm, does Robyn have a point? We actually found this was quite a talker on our forum but what did our mums reckon?

"I'd say nursing bras yes; nursing tops no," says giddymumdrum. "I got 3 nursing bras(black, white, nude) and I've managed with them.

"I've found nursing clothes a real faff. I'm tall and the nursing clothes never fitted me properly and always ended up covered in milk.

"I've been fine with Primark vests under normal tops. Unclip nursing bra, pull top up, pull vest and bra down, all covered no mummy tummy or boob on display."

NixxyNoomumdrum had a similar approach: "I'm not using anything this time," she says. "I had nursing bras last time and found myself just pulling them down the normal way.

"I think I'm probably in the minority. though. I definitely didn't need any nursing tops."

And LittleBoPeepmumdrum agrees 100% with Robyn: "I have a couple of nursing tops from H&M: they sell them in a 2-pack anyway and they also got some maternity wear.

"I think they are useful when you go out. At home I just wear whatever."

What do you think?

It seems as though most of you agree that nursing bras are pretty essential if you're breastfeeding but did you buy special nursing tops or covers? Or did you just make do with breastfeeding-friendly clothing, such as low-cut V or U tops like Robyn? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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