You might feel all fingers and thumbs changing a disposable nappy for the first few times, but follow this easy guide and you’ll be an expert in no time.


Step 1

Place your baby on his changing mat and unfasten the nappy tabs, folding them back on themselves so they’re out of the way.

Step 2

Lift his bottom off the table and either take the dirty nappy away or fold it in half under him, unsoiled side up. Wipe your baby’s front with warm water and cotton wool (or a wet wipe), then lift his legs up so you’re holding his ankles with one hand. This might make for an unflattering angle, but it allows you to gently wipe your baby’s bottom.

Step 3

Grab a clean nappy and place the half with the tabs under your baby’s rear. Pull up the top half of the nappy, trying not to bunch the material, and fasten using the tabs. It needs to be snug to stay put, but don’t make it so tight it pinches. Tab up the dirty nappy and put it in a bag to be thrown away, and hey presto – you’ve one clean, comfy baby!

Mum's story


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"Zac’s always been a wriggly baby at changing time, I find singing to him distracts him and keeps him still. I’m sure he is simply dumbfounded by how bad my voice is!”

Sarah, mum to Georgia 3 and Zac 11 months


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