Heading back to work once you’re a mum can be a mixed bag of emotions. There might be a part of you that’s excited at being more than “Jack’s mum”, nerves at whether you’ll have forgotten everything about your job, a bit that’s worried at how your child will cope without you… and how you’ll cope without him!


We’ve rounded-up what you need to know to prepare yourself for your return to work, from vital info on your working rights, to making your childcare choice work for you…

  • Enjoy returning to work – tips to ensure your return to work is as stress-free as possible, including work outfit worries and workplace confidence.
  • How to hide tiredness and boost energy – just because you’ve been up all night with your baby or child doesn’t mean you have to look that way! Here are tips to cover up your fatigue and ways to boost your energy in the long-run.
  • Separation anxiety - why your baby is being so clingy – separation anxiety typically starts when your baby’s around 6 months, and this happens to be about the time many mums have to return to work! Here’s why your baby feels that way, when they’ll grow out of it and advice on dealing with the clinginess… without having to give up your job!

For breastfeeding mums returning to work

If you’ve been exclusively breastfeeding up until now, your return to work may mean you’ll need to introduce bottlefeeds whilst you’re at your job. If breastfeeding means a lot to you, rest assured being a working mum doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up feeding by breast…

  • Buyer’s guide to bottles and teats – bottles can feel like a whole different world if you’ve been exclusively breastfeeding. We take you step-by-step through finding the best feeding bottles and teats for you and your baby.
  • Buyer’s guide to sterilisers – breast pumps, bottles and teats all need to be sterilised. Here’s how to buy the right steriliser unit for your needs.

For new mums just starting to think about work

If your maternity leave is a long way from over, but you’re starting to plan your childcare choices, don’t make any decisions until you read these…

  • Choose the right childcare for you – a guide to help you decide whether day nurseries, childminders, home childcarers, nannies, au pairs or friends and family carers will work best for you.