In a nutshell: Your baby's injections are vital to protect against some very infectious childhood diseases so, as long as you are both well, you should definitely take your baby to have their routine jabs. It's possible, though, that given the current situation, the exact day and time of your appointment for the immunisations may be changed, so do look out for text updates from your GP or phone your GP's surgery to check.


Taking your baby for their immunisation jabs during the coronavirus outbreak: the expert's view

Our expert family GP Dr Philippa Kaye is very clear that your baby's injections are really important, even during the coronavirus situation. She says:

Please do still take your child for their routine vaccinations. These are extremely important to keep your child safe from other illnesses, such certain kinds of meningitis
Dr Philippa Kaye, expert family GP

But what if I'm self-isolating?

If you are feeling unwell with the symptoms of coronavirus, or are self-isolating because other members of your household have symptoms, then of course you shouldn't leave the house. You'll need to call your GP to rearrange the injections: it's important to make your baby has them as soon as is practical, once you're better.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes. If these are your baby's very 1st injections, it's possible that they may be done at the same time as your routine 6-week-check (to save you going out twice within a short period of days). Dr Philippa says that, though every GP practice is different, some are rolling 6-week-checks and 1st immunisations into 1 (maybe slightly later) appointment.

If your baby is due for their 6-week-check, it's definitely worth calling your GP to find out when's the best date to come in and whether they'll be planning to do the immunisations, too.

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When will my baby have their immunisations?

The immunisation schedule for your baby's 1st year is as follows:

  • 8 weeks: 6-in-1 vaccine, RV vaccine (oral), meningitis B vaccine
  • 12 weeks: 6-in-1 vaccine (2nd dose), RV vaccine (oral, 2nd dose), PCV vaccine
  • 16 weeks: 6-in-1 vaccine (3rd dose), meningitis B vaccine (2nd dose)
  • 1 year: Hib/men C vaccine, MMR vaccine, PCV (vaccine 2nd dose), meningitis B vaccine (2nd dose)

Check out the full timetable of vaccines

About our expert Dr Philippa Kaye

Dr Philippa Kaye works as a GP in both NHS and private practice. She attended Downing College, Cambridge, then took medical studies at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’s medical schools in London, training in paediatrics, gynaecology, care of the elderly, acute medicine, psychiatry and general practice. Dr Philippa has also written a number of books, including ones on child health, diabetes in childhood and adolescence. She is a mum of 3.

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