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What’s the best feeding routine at 10 months?

Your baby will be moving on from mashed to chopped food and lots of other finger foods. He’ll need three good meals a day and around three milk feeds, as solid food becomes his main source of nutrition

How much milk does your baby need at 10 months?

At 10 months, you’re looking to give your baby two or three feeds a day, either breastfeeds or formula. With bottle feeds, you should be looking to offer up to, but no more than, around 13-20oz (400-600ml) in total over 24 hours.


Best routines at 10 months

Remember, all babies are individual so try to adopt a feeding routine that suits your baby.

Routine for spoon-feeding mixed with finger foods...

By 10 months, your baby should be eating a mixture of spoon-fed and finger foods.

  • On waking: Breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz)
  • Breakfast: Wheat biscuits with apple slices
  • Mid-morning: Breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz); optional snack such as rice cakes
  • Lunchtime: Shepherd’s pie with cooked carrot sticks; fresh fruit salad
  • Mid-afternoon: Crackers and cheese
  • Teatime: Cheese spread sandwiches with pear and yoghurt
  • Bedtime: Breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz)

Routine for baby led weaning...

Your baby should ideally be given the opportunity to eat the same meal at the same time as the rest of the family. You can also give him a spoon so he can attempt to feed himself runny foods such as yogurt.

  • On waking: Breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz)
  • Breakfast: Wheat biscuits with apple slices
  • Mid-morning: Breast or infant milk (around 4oz); optional snack such as rice cakes
  • Lunchtime: Pasta with Bolognese sauce and raw carrot sticks; rice pudding
  • Mid-afternoon: Crackers and cheese
  • Teatime: Houmous with pitta fingers and raw vegetable sticks, fruit and yoghurt
  • Bedtime: Breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz)

Mums share their 10 months feeding routines...

"I have a 10 month old girl and she’s stopped taking any milk before bed and so I dreamfeed her about 10. However the last few mornings she hasn’t wanted her morning bottle. She’s on 3 meals a day with a snack time at 3. She used to have a 5oz bottle at 7.00am, 2.30pm & 7.30pm. I dug out my Gina Ford book last night as she says if LOs show no interest in bedtime bottle to drop or reduce the 2.30 feed." wantingbaby

"My little girl is just over 10 months and she has: First thing - bf 4oz formula over breakfast cereal 10am - 5oz formula 3pm - 5oz formula Before bed - bf Plus other dairy in the form of yoghurts, cheese etc I don't offer milk before a sleep routinely- she normally has her two bottles once she's woken from her naps, although this will depend on what time she wants to nap. She rarely wakes in the night but when she does I don't offer her the breast unless she's really unhappy or unsettled." PinkToothbrush

"We’re currently moving Jamie (10 months) from breast to follow-on milk. He's always been a good eater. He has 3 meals a day but has still been having approx 3 breast feeds a day. Never got on with expressing so don't know how much we should be giving him." hew

"My LO has breakfast usually around 7-8am, lunch at 12-1pm and dinner between 5-6pm and naps in between. But sometimes if she has mega-naps these move forward slightly. Don't worry if your routine fluctuates a bit due to naps. If he wakes up late a lot maybe try shifting his nap times a little or try giving him a bit less milk in the afternoon so he is hungry at tea time." ThinkWeiss

What texture is right for 10 months?

Now’s the time to start moving from lightly mashed food to chopped meals. Make sure you chop into small, chewable pieces and always watch your baby while he’s eating.

5 great foods to introduce at 10 months

  1. Rice cakes
  2. Chick peas
  3. Blueberries (halved)
  4. Spinach
  5. Reduced salt baked beans

"Now is a time to really focus on offering family foods at family meal times if possible," says registered child nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed. "You’ll be mincing foods less and chopping up big pieces where necessary. Ensure any foods offered to your baby do not have any added salt or sugar, and continue to encourage a wide variety of different foods to your little one."

What to buy this month

A mess mat for underneath the highchair; the more your baby feeds himself, the messier it’s likely to get!

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