How much milk does your baby need at 8 months?

At 8 months you should continue to breastfeed on demand or offer up to, but no more than, 600ml infant formula in a 24-hour period. Aim for four milk feeds during the day. However, don’t worry if your baby’s milk intake naturally declines as his intake of solid food intake increases.


Best routines at 8 months – for all types of weaning

Routine for a mix of spoon-feeding and finger foods...

By 8 months, you should be aiming to introduce finger foods alongside spoon-fed meals, if you haven’t yet done so

  • On waking: Breast or infant formula milk (around 120ml)
  • Breakfast: Porridge, chopped banana and kiwi chunks
  • Mid-morning: Breast or infant milk (around 120ml)
  • Lunchtime: Minced beef with carrots and soft potato wedges
  • Mid-afternoon: Breast or infant formula milk (around 120ml)
  • Teatime: Scrambled egg with chopped tomatoes and well-cooked green beans
  • Bedtime: Breast or infant formula milk (around 120ml)

Routine for babies doing baby led weaning...

Your baby should ideally be given the opportunity to eat the same meal at the same time as the rest of the family. You can also give him a spoon so he can attempt to feed himself sloppy foods like yoghurt and porridge

More like this
  • On waking: Breast or infant formula (around 4oz)
  • Breakfast: Porridge with apple and apricot puree with soft toast fingers
  • Mid-morning: Breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz)
  • Lunchtime: Mediterranean fish stew with soft potato wedges
  • Mid-afternoon: Breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz)
  • Teatime: Steamed vegetables with cucumber dip
  • Bedtime: Breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz)

Mums share their 8 months feeding routines...

"I have 8 month twin girls (7 weeks prem) who have just gone onto 3 meals per day. Here is the routine we have: 8am - Bottle (7oz - normally take about 4oz now though!!) 10am - Breakfast 11am - nap for about an hour 12ish - bottle (7oz) 2ish - lunch either puree or this week have tried them on finger foods, well actually they helped themselves to other lo's when i was out of the room 6pm - Dinner either puree or a jar just moving onto stage 2 jars today 7pm – Bottle and 7.30-8 Bedtime." sarahncraig

"I used to worry myself silly because I hadn’t got my son into any routine. 8 months down the line he is such a happy baby and has fallen into his own little routine and i feel in control. He gets up at around 8ish, has Weetabix for breakfast...maybe has a bottle before his nap at around 10… sleeps until about 12, has lunch...nap again at about 3-4ish and a bottle if he wants it, then gets up at about 5-6ish and has dinner then bath at 7-8, bottle and bed!" VintageRose

"My little one started dropping milk feeds just before 8 months. Once 3 meals at day had been established with snacks during the day, I found that he had dropped his morning feed and his afternoon 3pm feed. I breastfeed and at 8 months he only has 2/3 feeds throughout the day. It doesn't bother me as I know he eats cheese and yogurt during the day." Harjeet

"I've been tempted to feed my 8 month old when he's been waking in the night the past few weeks, but I thought 'No way!'. He’s not needed a night feed since he was 3 months old, so I'm not going to offer him one... even though he'd probably take it if I did. It's not easy, as often the sucking will help them drift back off, but unless you stop offering it, your baby will get into a routine of expecting it." kathp

5 great foods to introduce at 8 months

  1. White fish such as cod or unsmoked haddock
  2. Mango
  3. Lean, tender beef
  4. Couscous
  5. Mild cheese

"At 8 months your baby should now be comfortable with having three meals a day, alongside milk feeds," says registered child nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed. "Make sure that he’s having plenty of variety, including foods from all of the four main food groups (starchy foods, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and vegetarian alternatives, and dairy foods). Additionally, start encouraging self-feeding by continuing to offer finger foods and introducing cutlery."

What texture is right for 8 months?

At 8 months you should be moving on from purees to mashing food. Use a fork or masher rather than a blender to ensure you have good texture to your baby’s food. Remember to give your baby finger foods alongside the mash.

What to buy this month

A long-sleeved bib – essential for keeping clothes (relatively) clean as your baby begins to eat more independently.

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