How much milk does your baby need at 11 months?

At 11 months, encourage your little one to drink up to 400-500ml (13-17oz) of milk each day, ideally from a cup rather than a bottle. You may find your baby is less interested in his milk feeds, so you can always top up by including a range of dairy foods in his diet.


Best feeding routines at 11 months

By now, most babies should be eating more or less the same diet, regardless of whether you started weaning them with purees or by baby led weaning. Some some will need more help with feeding and particularly self-feeding than others. Remember, all babies are individual so try to adopt a feeding routine that suits your baby.

  • Breakfast: Eggy bread with yoghurt and raisins; breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz)
  • Mid-morning: Plain biscuit; cup of infant formula milk (around 4oz)
  • Lunchtime: Chicken casserole with broccoli; yoghurt
  • Mid-afternoon: Chopped banana
  • Teatime: Fish pie with mixed peppers and potatoes; banana and custard
  • Bedtime: Breast or infant formula milk (around 4oz)

Mums share their 11 months feeding routines...

"Shea is 11 months and loves all sorts of fish. He'll also have a bit of steak, lamb, pork or mince, basically he's now starting to eat anything that we do. He was at nursery yesterday and when I picked him up he stunk of garlic. I looked in his diary and he had lasagne and garlic bread for lunch!" claire-abelle

"At 11 months my lo had 8oz cows milk in morning and bed time and had water throughout the day. I just left a beaker on the floor with his toys and he would help himself. I thought it would be hard trying to drop afternoon feeds but it didn’t bother him as he was having his lunch and a snack of fruit in the afternoon." mummyphoebe

"Try making a risotto - I always think that when I make that for my lo, the texture seems quite similar to macaroni cheese and it's great for hiding veg/meat in! It's also pretty cheap to make so not much waste." MrsC06

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5 great foods to introduce at 11 months

  1. Rice pudding
  2. Peas (as finger food)
  3. Baby sweetcorn cobs
  4. Grapes (halved)
  5. Pitta bread

"Now that your baby is well established on solids, you can continue to cut down on the amount of milk your baby is drinking with two or three daily feeds," says registered child nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed. "You should also be reducing his drinking from a bottle by offering most drinks in a cup or free-flowing beaker."

What texture is right for 11 months?

You’ll now want to be serving your baby chopped meals. Your baby should be weaned off purees and be able to cope with lumps and chewing small pieces of food.

What to buy this month

A bottle-to-cup trainer: these beakers typically have handles and a sippy spout to make the transition from bottles to cups easier.

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