A girl called Teddy for Robbie Williams

Has their baby name got its roots in religion?


Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda has given birth to the couple’s first child, a baby girl called Theodora Rose.

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Robbie announced his daughter’s arrival last night via his blog and twitter pages, posting: ‘Praise be, it’s Theodora Rose Williams, affectionately known as Teddy….. Born 3.33pm on 18.9.12, 7Ibs 4oz… Baby, Mummy and Daddy are all rockin…. Thank you for your best wishes XXXX.’

Their choice of name for their baby daughter had been the subject of some debate, with Robbie telling Radio2 DJ Chris Evans recently: ‘As a celebrity we’re supposed to call them Aubergine or something like that aren’t we? I do have a sort of celebrity name but it’s not Apple-esque. It’s a very solid, old-school name.’

So it turns out the name is Theodora Rose. Theodora perhaps for Ayda, who’s American, and in honour of the famous US President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, and Rose for Robbie, who wants his daughter to be brought up in England.

But we’re wondering if the couple have recently found God – the traditional meaning of the name Theodora is ‘God’s Gift’, and Robbie began is blog post with the words ‘Praise be’……

We love the name, particularly shortened to ‘Teddy’, but what do you think?

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Congratulations Robbie, on your gorgeous new baby daughter!

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