Could a better night’s sleep help your partner conceive?

New study reveals lack of sleep can reduce a man's sperm count by a third


Sleep problems can lower the fertility of young men, claims a new study.


Researchers found that the sperm count of young men who suffered disturbed sleep was more than a third lower than those who slept more, reports the Telegraph.

The results also revealed that men who suffered disturbed sleep, with less than six hours sleep a night, had less mobile sperm and smaller testicles.

This latest research is the first to look specifically at whether broken sleep patterns affects male fertility.

Tina Kold Jensen, who led the study at the University of Southern Denmark, said: “Men with a high level of sleep disturbance had a 29% lower adjusted sperm concentration.

“This appears to be the first study to find associations between sleep disturbances and semen quality,” she added.

The researchers looked at 935 young men aged around 18-years-old, and explained that they hope to examine whether restoring normal sleep patterns would help to improve fertility in men.

Experts believe the ideal amount of rest is seven to eight hours a night. But the average Briton sleeps for six hours and seven minutes.


Interesting stuff! So, if you’re trying for a baby your man might have to hit the hay a littler earlier to keep his swimmers healthy.  

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