Okay, so it's possible to get accidentally pregnant after a curry and too many pints (!), but the odds of conceiving can generally be enhanced if both the man and the woman are eating a better diet. If you're trying to conceive at the moment, maybe try adding these to your next supermarket shopping list:


1. Oranges and lemons

Fruit is always good for you, but the vitamins packed into citrus fruits will really bring your body up to speed. If you hate the faff of peeling oranges, try juicing fresh oranges in the morning or squeeze the juice of a lemon into hot water as a wake-up drink alternative to caffeine.

2. Bananas

A brilliant on-the-go snack and rich in potassium. Bananas that haven't gone all brown are generally better for a slow-release energy, but either can be a good course of carbohydrate.

3. Bagels and cereals

Bagels are a great low-fat, carb-high start to the day - so long as you don't fill them with bacon or brie! Cereals fortified with iron and which have a healthy recommended daily allowance (RDA) of selenium, are a good idea, so long as they're not more sugar than goodness.

4. Mackerel, other oily fish and seafood

Fish is wonderful for many vitamins as well as selenium and iodine. Oily fish is rich in those precious omega 3 fatty acids, as well as being useful for vitamins like A and D, without being an excessive source of fat.

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5. Wholemeal bread

Yes, white sliced is great toasted first thing in the morning, but a great, tasty wholemeal loaf is going to provide you with carbs, minerals and fibre.

6. Eggs

Men are sometimes advised to take zinc supplements when they are trying for a baby, but finding natural sources is usually preferable. Eggs are a superfood in that they tick lots of boxes at the same time. They are good sources of zinc, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A, B, D and E.

7. Brazil nuts

Nuts are a great snack and give you a longer energy kick than a packet of crisps will. Brazil nuts in particular, are good for selenium - one of the important minerals in conception.


8. Yoghurt or bio-drinks

A rich source of calcium, especially for those who don't like to drink pints of milk. Pro-bio dairy products are also useful for keeping your digestive system working right and staving off little bugs that make you rundown.