Have you had a wrong result from an early pregnancy test?

We'd love to hear from you, if you've done an early pregnancy test and got a result that later turned out to be incorrect - either falsely negative or positive


Can you help us at MadeForMums? A short while ago we ran a survey into early pregnancy tests – 1500 of you took the survey and we had some interesting results, which we’ll be publishing shortly. Thank you! 


Now we’d really like to look at this tests in a bit more depth but to do this we need to talk to you in person. So if you’ve had either a false positive or false negative result from early pregnancy test (the tests that you can use 2–5 days before your period is due) and you’d be happy to share your story, we’d love to chat!

We know that this is a sensitive subject, and we promise to respect you and anything you tell us. But if this sounds like something you might like to do (we do hope so!), please do drop us a line on contactus@madeformums.com. Or you can add a comment at the end of the story and we’ll get in touch.


Getting the wrong result from a pregnancy test can be truly upsetting – and some of us here know exactly how that feels – but by telling us your story, we think you could help us stop other women from having the same experience. Do please get in touch…


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