Prepare yourselves for pregnancy

Healthy ideas to prepare you and your partner for getting pregnant


Pregnancy is one of the greatest nutritional stresses faced by a woman, so preparation is important. Make sure you and your partner are both in the best of health to maximise your chances of getting pregnant. Here’s how to get into shape and how to get pregnant.


Tips for her:

Eat foods that are rich in zinc and B vitamins, which help in the production of the hormones you need to get pregnant.

Oysters are rich in zinc and rumoured to be an aphrodisiac too. Wholemeal bread contains twice as much zinc as white.

Take a folic acid supplement of 400mcg. This is recommended at least three months before you conceive to help protect the nervous system and for the healthy development of the neural tube.

A supplement specifically designed for getting pregnant or pregnancy, such as those in the Pregnacare range, can help ensure you get the right vitamins and minerals important at this time.

Avoid drinking alcohol, and if you smoke, take steps to give up.

Have lots of sex. It sounds obvious, but remember that having sex three or four times a week when you are ovulating will ensure there is plenty of sperm in the vicinity, ready to fertilise the newly-released egg.

Tips for him:

Cut down on your alcohol intake. Alcohol inhibits the absorption of vitamins and minerals that help to create healthy sperm.

Let it all hang out! A common cause of low sperm count is the testes overheating, so invest in some loose, cotton underpants and avoid hot baths if you are trying to get pregnant.

Take a multi-vitamin for men, such as Vitabiotics Wellman. This will help maintain healthy sperm and reproductive health.

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