1 in 5 parents don’t do story time

20% of parents don't read stories to their little ones, says a new survey


A fifth of parents with children under the age of five do not see the benefit of reading to them before they can walk or talk, a survey has found.


All Top Books, a leading online provider of educational and fiction books, surveyed over 640 UK parents, with children under 5 years of age, and learned that a quarter of parents either do not enjoy, struggle with, or do not have time for reading with their little ones.

They found that over 50% of parents spend a maximum of 8.5 minutes reading to their children each day. Only 3.9% of parents spend the recommended maximum 3.5 hours reading to their children each week, an average of 30 minutes every day.

Managing director of All Top Books, Dilip Sinha, said that the figures were “disappointing” and “concerning”.


“Reading to a child is like opening a door to a big and exciting world, allowing them to hear sounds and see pictures that they may not get to see otherwise,” Sinha added, claiming that it “will help them grow, develop and bond with their parents”.

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