10 amazing birthday cakes made by mums

Frozen, Ice Age and and anti-gravity cakes, plus luxurious pigs in mud!


The birthday cake is the centrepiece of any party, and these bakers have gone all out to make sure theirs is worthy of the spotlight. Forget The Great British Bake Off, this is The Great Birthday Cake Off!


This incredible Frozen cake by Ravy Marie is a work of art – we love the KitKats round the outside.

But this is just the start. We’ve picked our favourite children’s birthday cakes from a boredpanda collection, which include an amazing Star Wars creation, a gravity-defying Malteser and M&Ms cake and um, a Heinz Beanz cake…


Ice Age cake

Photo: imgur

Harry Potter Sorting Hat cake

Photo: LmintLevente on Imgur

Star Wars cake

Photo: Food Fiend on Facebook

Anti-gravity Malteser and M&Ms cake

Photo: Rose Aurora on imgur

Lego cake

Photo: Anonymous on boredpanda

Pigs in mud cake

Photo: Taartjes van Fiona on Facebook

Pirate ship cake

Photo: Jozsefne Csoka on boredpanda

Panda pile cake

Photo: Julija K on boredpanda

Heinz Beans cake

Photo: Funky Junk

Star Wars cake

Photo: MarryHumpsRowdy on Imgur
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