10 marathons, 10 days and one brave dad

Father runs across Europe to raise money for the hospital that saved twin daughter’s life


In just 10 days 35-year-old Wesley Ranger ran 10 marathons across Europe, reports the BBC


Wesley took on the challenge to raise money for two local South Coast hospitals after his wife Kerri gave birth to twin girls, Jude and Elizabeth. Tragically, Elizabeth arrived stillborn.

Wesley, who ran with friends through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and London, raised £15,000 for the Brighton Trevor Mann Baby Unit and Worthing Special Baby Care Unit. 

Wesley said, “Going into it I was full of trepidation and concerns about whether or not we were up to the challenge physically and mentally.” But he said he was able to keep going after Kerri sent him a message saying Elizabeth was there with him.

Kerri and Wesley said Jude is now a healthy, thriving 2-year-old.


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