1. The Lap Baby, £29.99

Not quite a carrier and it’s not booster seats either - it’s what its creators call a “seating solution”. The Lap baby allows parents to get on with daily tasks hands-free with baby on their laps.


It’s suitable for babies from 3 months onwards, meaning parents don’t have to wait until baby can sit unaided, unlike many highchairs. And as it's padded material it fold down very small and can be stored almost anywhere.

We've got the full review of the Lap Baby right here.

You can buy it on the Lap Baby website


2. Phil & Ted's Lobster High Chair, £70

A highly portable alternative to a highchair, the Lobster clamps onto a table and a range of surfaces, so it actually has no footprint at all.

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Twist-on, twist-off clamps attach the Lobster to your chosen table with a the minimum thickness it can clamp to of 20mm, to 95mm. A plastic food tray slides onto the front of the lobster.

When finished with the chair, it folds inwards, making it compact enough to slide back into a storage bag, which is about the same size as a small handbag.

Check out the complete review of the Lobster here.

You can buy the Lobster from the Phil & Ted's website, Amazon, or Precious Little One.


3. Bloom, Alma Mini Crib, £299.99

Just as the name suggests, this cot is as mini as you'd expect - when up it measures a small H91.5 x W94.4 x L49.5.

Suitable from birth to around 12 months, the cot had a two position adjustable mattress platform and lockable castors/wheels, so you can move it around easily.

But when not in use is when it really impresses as it folds up like a piece of paper and becomes seriously compact.

Available from John Lewis


4. Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod, £125

A baby sleeping pod designed for babies 0-8 months, the Deluxe pod is suitable for co-sleeping and bed sharing, ideal if you don't have space for a cot or crib.

Our MFM mum review can't recommend it highly enough and says it's "definitely worth the price we paid for it - she is snug and comfortable in it & it is also really portable"

And when babies are older and moving around it can be used for tummy time. Have a look at our full review on the Sleepyhead.

You can buy the Deluxe Pod from Sleepyhead, John Lewis, Amazon


5. Wall storage boxes and shelves, from £22

If you've run out of floor space - why not use your wall space?

These handy wall storage boxes and ledges are great for popping on all the soft toys and baby gear that will soon start building up in your home. Great price, too.

Available to buy from Great Little Trading Company


6. Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Fold Away Baby Bath, £22.99

We get that washing your baby in the bath can be scary when they're tiny, but a big plastic bather might not be the best thing if you're short on space.

This baby sling holds baby in place while you bathe her and is foldable. What more could you ask for?

You can get this compact baby bath from Argos,


7.Babyzen Yoyo 0+ buggy, £339

A record-breaking buggy, the Yoyo 0+ folds down to 52 x 44 x 18 cm samll, which is half the volume of a standard umbrella-stroller.

Weighing only 6.5kg it can fit just anywhere: in the smallest car boots or behind a front seat, under a train seat, and even in the overhead compartment of a plane. And as it has a newborn cocoon and is travel system compatible, it'll be the only buggy you'll need.

Read the full Babyzen Yoyo 0+ review

You can buy the Babyzen Yoyo from John Lewis or Natural Baby Shower.


8. WeMadeMe Wuti Wrap, £49.99

Baby carriers can be a great alternative to a pushchair. The Wuti wrap is essentially one long piece of woven and stretchy fabric that is tied to create a supportive carrier which keeps baby close to the wearer.

Suitable for newborn (8lbs+) up to 3 years (35lbs or 15kg), it’s targeted in particular at babies up to 9 months old. Our MFM mum found the Wuti wrap to be a "godsend" after her C-section as it distributed weight evenly across her back and shoulders.

She also said: "it left both hands free so I could get on with light chores while baby slept soundly on my chest."

Check out the full WeMadeMe Wuti Wrap review here

You can buy the Wuti Wrap from Mothercare, Natural Baby Shower, Pramworld, or on the WeMadeMe website


9. Munchkin nappy organiser, £14.99

Key to surviving in a small space where you've got lots of stuff is being organised: the Munchkin organiser lets you do just that with spaces for all the baby essentials.

Simply hook to a wall or cupboard, pack it with the stuff you need most and you're done.

Available from: Daisy Baby shop


10. Silver Cross Soho Furniture Set, £950

If you've got a small room, need to maximise space but want solid furniture that'll last the Silver Cross Soho furniture set will be for you.

It's comprised of a convertible cot bed (L145cm W77cm H95cm) and wardrobe and dresser (H175cm W103cm D60cm) with a built in changing station that pops out when needed.

You can buy the Silver Cross Soho from the Silver Cross website.


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