20% of mums hide their stretch marks from partner

Mums who suffer from post-baby scarring admit it dents their body confidence


One in two women suffer from lack of body confidence due to their stretch marks, according to recent research results from Bio Oil. And with 75-90% of women having them post-birth, it seems that more advice is needed on skincare during and after pregnancy.


The research shows that while 26% of the 100 women polled felt worried about stretch marks during their pregnancy, 66% admitted that they received no advice or guidance from their midwives or healthcare workers on how to prevent or treat them.

Scarring and stretch marks (or striae) leave women feeling self-conscious – so much so that 50% admitted it affected the way they dressed each day and over a fifth revealed that they hid their body from their partners.

With stretch marks post-baby not considered as a medical priority, it seems that there is an outcry for a change. “This research highlights the long-term impact that scars and stretch marks can have and that women expect healthcare professionals to offer advice about how to prevent and reduce the appearance,” Julie Lardieg from Bio Oil said.

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