4 shocking celeb birth stories

Natasha Hamilton, Kerry Katona, Holly Willoughby and Tina O'Brien recount their dramatic labours


Holly Willougby’s 50-hour labour

When Holly Willoughby had her daughter Belle, now 3, she was in for a marathon labour.


The This Morning  presenter gave birth to her second baby a gruelling 50 hours after she first went into hospital.

Belle arrived unexpectedly early, 4 weeks before her due date. Holly was still working on This Morning and her unplanned no-show at the studio prompted feverish tweeting from her co-host Phillip Schofield.

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But when Holly gave birth to Chester in September 2014,  it couldn’t have been more different.

“It was a very exciting evening,” Holly said. “I started having contractions at around 9 in the morning. Then he arrived at 7.20pm.

“It was very different to my other two: I had a water birth and that was amazing, and he was a really big boy.”

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Tina O’Brien’s shockingly speedy 2-hour birth

Coronation Street star Tina was 11 days overdue when she gave birth to her second child in just under 2 hours.

The baby boy named Beau Lee Stephen is her first baby with 27-year-old boyfriend of 3 years, Adam Croft. The 31-year-old actress also has a daughter Scarlett, 6 (pictured, with Tina) from her previous relationship with ex-Corrie co-star Ryan Thomas.

“I was very lucky, my labour was over in 2 hours! I was 11 days overdue, which were 11 days of hell because I was still doing the school run with Scarlett and I was so heavy,” Tina told OK! magazine.

“At about 1.10am on Friday morning my waters broke and straight away my contractions were 2 or 3 minutes apart.”

With everything happening so quickly, Tina said she used hypnobirthing in lieu of pain relief as she “wanted as natural birth as possible”.

Once the baby was born, Tina struggled to process what had just happened as everything had happened so quickly. “I was too shocked,” she said, “because, just a few hours earlier, I was asleep in bed and then suddenly I was holding a baby.”.

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Natasha Hamilton’s mid-wedding labour scare

Natasha Hamilton was at her best friend Kerry Katona’s wedding when she started feeling unwell. When she started to experience what felt like contractions, she decided it would be best to leave the reception and visit a nearby hospital in Bristol.

She reportedly found out she was 3cm dilated and was kept in hospital overnight before returning home to rest.

A week after the labour scare, Natasha gave birth to her daughter Ella in a blow-up water pool in her living room. “We were both in tears,” she said, “and I stayed in the pool for a while with Ritch sitting outside it next to me.”

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Kerry Katona’s delivery-room trauma

When Kerry Katona gave birth to her fifth child, her new daughter Dylan-Jorge Rose wasn’t breathing.

Kerry explained that the problems started when she was given an epidural. The pain relief had a strange effect on Kerry, giving her an ‘out-of-body’ experience. 

The labour progressed and when Dylan-Jorge was born, she was placed on her mum’s chest. But it was then that Kerry noticed she wasn’t breathing.

“Something just didn’t feel right… the baby’s not breathing,” she said. “So a crash team came and took her off me and she completely died.”

Once Dylan was revived, Kerry’s placenta got stuck and she started losing a lot of blood, so her placenta had to be removed manually.


Thankfully both Kerry and Dylan-Jorge recovered.

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