43% bosses say mums make good employees

Multi-tasking and juggling commitments (there's a surprise!) are working mums' biggest assets


Companies think working mums make good employees, according to a new survey by O2. But while 41% rate mums’ multi-tasking and time juggling skills, 43% also feel that employers are expected to do too much to support family arrangements.


In the survey of over 4000 employers and working mums, 33% of bosses said they believed mums were more motivated and career-focused because of the need to provide for their family.

This was matched by 40% of working mums saying they felt their work performance had improved since returning from maternity leave. Reasons for this included:

  • they focused on bigger challenges than worrying about little things
  • their used their parenting skills, such as patience and diplomacy

Over 35% of mums also said their valued their work identity more now they had a child, as it gave them a good alternative to their identity as a mum.


Do you think you’re a better worker since you’ve had a child? Let us know…


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