5 year olds dig their way out of nursery

It's like the Shawshank Redemption, pre-school style!


Turn your back for a minute, and before you know it, your kids have tunnelled out of the house and are heading off down the shops… Not actually as crazy as it sounds, as that is exactly what two fiesty 5-year-olds did at a Russian kindergarten this week!


The adventurous pair dug their way out of the nursery in the city of Magnitogorsk by burrowing under a fence, using spades from their sandpit for their epic expedition. 

And where did the fearless pair head to? Back home to see their mums? The sweet shop to buy some Haribo and a can of pop?

No, they jaunted several miles to a Jaguar car showroom where they were apparently intending to buy a car! 

By the time they rocked up there, the police were already hot on their trail, and a woman at the showroom raised the alarm after spotting them gazing longingly at the luxury motors. 

According to the Siberian Times, the youngsters ‘eagerly told her they were there because they wanted a ‘grown up car”.

The pair were handed over to the police and returned to school, resulting in the sacking of their teacher, and a reprimand for their head.

“This is a very serious breach of rules. The head of the group that allowed this to happen was fired,” Olga Denisenko, acting head of pre-school education in the Russian city said. “The acting head of the kindergarten has been given administrative notice.”

The children were said to be fine after their little afternoon out and their parents did not press any charges. 

AWFUL thing to have been allowed to happen but you’ve got to admire the kids’ spirit, haven’t you! 

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