50% of cot deaths linked to co-sleeping

New study stresses importance of baby sleeping in separate cot


More than half of cot deaths happen when babies sleep with their parents, either in a bed or on a sofa.


A new (2009) study confirms the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) advice that the safest place for young children to sleep was in a cot beside their parents’ bed.

Researchers discovered that while parents had been warned about the dangers of sleeping with their baby in a bed, there hadn’t been any warnings about other places in the home.

“It’s really important that parents don’t fall asleep with their baby on a sofa as it’s very dangerous,” said Professor Peter Fleming, who led the study. “It’s 25 times more risky than having a baby in bed with you. After parents have fed a baby, it’s really important they put them back in a cot.”


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