999 call toddler given police merit award

Two-year-old Rowan acted fast when her mum fainted


A Scottish toddler has been given a meritous award by the police after dialling 999 when her mum fainted.


Rowan Rychel, who was two at the time of the accident, dialled the emergency services and said, “Mummy’s sleeping and she won’t wake up”

Lothian and Borders police then traced the call to Rowan’s house, where they discovered her mum Francesca had collapsed.

After taking Francesca to the local hospital, where she was released after a day’s observation, emergency services praised her daughter’s quick thinking.

Rowan, now three, has been given an award of merit by chief constable David Strang.

The toddler had learned the emergency number after accidentally dialling it while playing with the phone and being told off.


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