A fifth of children under 4 have TVs in bedroom

Young children have their own TVs in their bedrooms, a new study reveals


It has been revealed that one in five children aged 4 years and even younger  are having TV sets put into their bedrooms, causing concern for their developmental and communicational skills. 


Young parents, it seems, are particularly keen on the idea, with 28% putting TV’s in their child’s room, according to the research by Mintel

Single parents were also more likely to rely on TV technology to keep their children entertained, with 25% of sole parents, compared to13% of married couples, popping TVs in their child’s room. 

“The widespread use of electronic babysitters in children’s bedrooms not only places them at risk of exposure to unsuitable material, but is also destructive of family life. It may be contributory to the marked decline in the verbal communication skills of children and young people,” said Norman Wells, Director of Family Education Trust.

It’s been suggested that he idea of having televisions in every room of the house, including babies’ nurseries has been promoted by the rich and famous, including Premier League footballers. 


Do your children have TVs in their bedrooms? Let us know how it works for you… 


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