A fun look at royal baby watch

We take a lighter look at the phenomenon that is Royal Baby Watch!


Yes, we’re all waiting for the royal baby as as news broke that the Duchess has gone into labour, the world’s media are camped outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s hospital waiting to break the news of the royal birth. In the age of social media, live streaming and general no holds back reporting there are so many different places to get your daily fix of royal baby watch!


We’ve found some great websites and social media sites which have made waiting for the royal arrival really quite fun

The most asked question on everyone’s lips…

Our current favourite in the MadeForMums office is Has the royal baby been born yet?
A simple question deserves a simple answer but what happens when you click on the answer and what would The Queen think?

We’ll have all the latest news right here of course so watch this space

Don’t miss a thing with this irreverent look at ALL the news surrounding the arrival of the royal baby

Up to the minute news

The Daily Beast Blog compiles tweets, articles and comments about the impending birth in real time and its often a real giggle with posts such as this one:

“The Telegraph has a rather bizarre claim that the royal baby is due today, on the basis that key staff at St Mary’s hospital were told not to drink alcohol a month before the birth,  and were told to put the plug in the jug on 19 June.”

Will the birth of the royal baby be announced on Twitter?

An announcement on Twitter?

Yes, social media and the ability to live stream from outside the Lindo wing (The Sun and The Telegraph) has meant that we are being bombarded with royal baby watch news from every angle but it seems that the royal family are quite keen on social media themselves…

As well as placing a formal birth notice on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace when the baby is born, it is thought that will also be an announcement on British Monarchy’s official twitter account @britishmonarchy around the same time. We’ll know an announcement is imminent when we see a royal official leaving the Lindo Wing in Paddington (probably clutching an envelope!)

Or will Clarence house beat them to it and announce the birth of Prince or Princess Cambridge

Clarence House has its own twitter account (@clarencehouse) and according to Mashable, it beat @BritishMonarchy with William and Kate’s engagement announcement so it may well be the first to announce their heir too….

In fact, Clarence House took to Twitter this morning tp confirm that the Duchess had been admitted to St. Mary’s and was in the ‘early stages of labour’

We’ll let you know on Twitter too….

There are loads of Facebook pages dedicated to the royal baby, this is just one of them. Pic: British Monarchy Heir/Facebook

Facebook is host to hundreds of pages dedicated to Prince or Princess Cambridge and we particularly like this one for the sheer volume of information and general trivia!

Get the royal baby’s point of view from the …womb!

Live tweeting from the womb

If you want to follow a funnier yet totally unofficial twitter account, we’d recommend @IamRoyalBaby for a different point of view on the birth….we love the profile description:

3rd in line to the throne. Indistinguishable genitalia. And for the last time, I don’t know my name yet. Parody until i can get verified.

One of our favourite tweets from this account is: “I know I’m in line for the throne, but this crowning is ridiculous.”

We can’t match that!

Place your bets….

What’s your money on?

We’re also keeping a very close eye on the baby name odds  – what have you got your money on?


Are you on Royal Baby Watch too?

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