A girl named Brighton

A baby girl has been called Isabel Brighton after her parents honeymooned in the city


A couple have named their newborn baby Isabel Brighton after they spent their “wonderful” honeymoon in the seaside resort.


US-based mum and dad Dean and Kelly Hernandez won the trip to the city in a charity auction held by a TV station.

The pair enjoyed the holiday so much that they have now named their daughter after the bustling hub – despite them visiting the popular destination more than four years ago.

Mr Hernandez said in an email to the local council: “We were absolutely enamoured of our experience in England but especially with Brighton and with the wonderful people we had the opportunity to meet there.

“In all of our travels around the world, there has been no place whose people made such a singularly good impression upon us.”

He added naming their baby Isabel Brighton was to remember “a wonderful city and its people who represent cherished memories to us”.

The couple, who enjoyed a reception at the Royal Pavilion and a stay at the Grand Hotel during their trip, have vowed to return to Sussex with their daughter on their five year anniversary.


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