A girl who couldn’t walk becomes ballet star

Ballet helps a girl avoid surgery on her legs


A ten year old girl has overcome a severe leg disability to win a role in the English Youth Ballet. Little Esme Phillips never crawled or walked as a toddler because her feet pointed almost 90 degrees the wrong way. But now she’s been picked to appear in Coppelia with the English Youth Ballet, and no longer needs surgery, reports the Metro.


Esme was given the choice of an operation or ballet training to correct her feet three years ago and chose ballet. “We were told the bones in Esme’s legs would have to be broken and re-set or we could try ballet. So I just thought,” Why not?” I can’t believe the difference it’s made to her,” says mum, Emma Jane.

Since being chosen for the show Esme has rehearsed three or four times a week for up to six hours each time. “My feet still hurt a bit when I put them into first position but I don’t need to have an operation any more so I’m really happy,” she says.


Catch Esme in Coppelia at Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre this month.

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