A mum that’s literally one in a million

Mum of twin teenagers has triplets.


Mum to teenage twin girls and a 9-year-old daughter has given birth to triplets.


Joadey Dyer, 39, was surprised when she found out she was pregnant again, and even more stunned when she discovered it was triplets! Joadey gave birth to the three girls in March.

Joadey’s teenage twins were conceived as triplets before one miscarried. Of her baby triplets, two of the girls, Erin and Evie, are identical, meaning they came from the same egg. The third baby girl, Riley, is from a separate egg released during the same cycle.

The triplets go through 20 nappies a day, and need feeding every four hours. “After one wakes up to be fed I get back to bed and then half an hour later another one wakes,” said Joadey.

Husband Gary is now in a house of seven women – his wife Joadey; twin girls Kirsty and Brook, 15; Maddison, 9; and triplets Erin, Evie and Riley. “He moans about being outnumber but he loves it really,” Joadey said.


Debbie Ross, from the Twin and Multiple Births Association said, “They could well be one in a million. It’s very, very rare for a woman to conceive twins and then for one of the eggs to split to produce triplets.”

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