We don’t know if there is a world record for the fastest time to make a baby’s bottle, but if there is the Diluo Infant Formula Brewer should probably hold it.


That’s because the bottle-making machine can make a ready-to-drink feed in 20 seconds - we kid you not!

You may have already heard of the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep, (of course you have you avid MFMer) it makes a fresh bottle at just the right temperature in less than 2 minutes.

The Infant Formula Brewer is similar to the Perfect Prep but quicker and much more high-tech.

Created by Swedish tech company Diluo the Infant Formula Brewer resembles a stylish cappuccino maker and it really wouldn’t look out of place in any central London show home kitchen.

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Like the Perfect Prep the Infant Formula Brewer has a compartment for cold water and a section for baby formula. And when switched on it heats the formula and water to 70c, to kill any bacteria and then mixes it to the right temperature.

But where the Infant Formula Brewer differs is that it allows parents to choose the temperature of the finished bottle and it has the capacity to make 8 bottles.

Unlike the Prefect Prep, which uses boiling water to make a bottle, the Infant Formula Brewer has an integrated heating element to heat the formula.

In fact the Diluo boasts that you can even make porridge in it, that’s if you’ve ever wanted porridge in 20 seconds flat.


The unit itself is simple and has three buttons, one to make a full bottle, one to make a half bottle and one to add additional water.

As a tech company makes the Infant Formula Brewer it also has Wi-Fi for you to connect to your phone via an app.

This is where it differs vastly from the Perfect Prep. All of the additional features are controlled via the app on your Android or Apple smart phone.

So you can choose the temperature of the bottle and the size of the feed once, which the app and Infant Formula Brewer will remember.

To make it even easier, in the app you can choose the age of your little one (1- from birth, 2- 6 months, 3- 1-2 years) and it adjusts it accordingly, and you can even input the type of formula you’ll be using.


Once all the relevant info is put into the app you can watch the 20-second countdown to your baby’s ready-to-drink bottle.

And if that wasn’t enough, as long as you are connected to the Internet you can actually make a bottle from anywhere, if you really wanted to that is.

If you have any problems, then help is on hand with a 24-hour live chat support via the app.

Price-wise the Dilou Infant Formula Brewer is expensive, at £299, it’s 200 quid more than the Perfect Prep, that’s a hefty cost for a tool you may only use for a few months. However, it doesn’t require any filters or any extras and there isn’t an upper age limit on porridge, so you could well find it useful for many years.

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