A third of parents swear in front of their toddlers

Survey reveals we’re a nation of potty-mouth parents


A third of us parents admit to swearing in front of our children, a new survey by MyVoucherCodes.co.uk has found.


The poll asked 1,283 parents if they use swear words in front of their young children aged 1 to 3 years. It saw 34% of parents admit to using ‘strong’ swear words in the company of toddlers, and54% admitting to using ‘mild’ swear words.

Also, 19% of parents confessed their children had used swear words in correct context in the last six months. Of these parents, 48% said they punished their toddlers while 14% admitted they found it funny.

The top five swear words used by UK parents around children are:

  1. Bug*er             34%
  2. Sh*t                        54%
  3. G*t                        49%
  4. S*d                        47%           
  5. Fu*k                        34%

Has your little one caught you using words you shouldn’t have? Share your stories below…keep it clean, ladies!

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