A toddler, her bulldog and some incredible pictures

Erin Craig is inseparable from Harvey the bulldog – and their adorable double act is melting hearts worldwide


Erin Craig is 2 years old, and her absolute best friend in the whole world is a big slobbery bulldog called Harvey. From raiding the dressing-up box to snuggles on the sofa, wherever Erin goes, Harvey is never far from her side.


And, ever since Erin’s mum Katie started sharing snaps of the dog and her daughter on Instagram, Erin and Harvey have been acquiring quite a following: the Instagram account now stand at over 30,000 following, and every new upload gets thousands of comments. It’s not hard to see why! 

Mum Katie, who lives in New York, says that Erin and Harvey’s relationship is “amazing” and that the little girl “truly loves” her jowly canine friend. And, as for Harvey, he will apparently “‘follow whatever it is Erin decides to do”  – which could be anything from shared bathtimes to sleepovers with her cousin! 

Here a just a few of our favourite Erin-and-Harvey snaps…


Some days, you just want to chill out in the back garden with your bessie mate… wearing matching bandanas, of course. 


Other days, it’s just all about raiding the dressing-up box and working the head-gear options hard…


Mind you, Harvey tends to pass on looking at pictures of cats on the interwebz…


But birthday parties are definitely not just for kids!

Aw, we love these snaps! Do you have a family pet – and are your kids as close to them as Erin is to Harvey?

Pictures: Katie Craig/Instagram

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