Confession time: we find the theme tune for Horrid Henry just a teensy bit annoying ?


But it would seem Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas has a problem with the show itself – he doesn’t like what the long-running cartoon’s done to his 3-year-old son Teddy’s behaviour.

It seems the star’s little boy has been copying the main character’s prankster antics, rather than taking inspiration from Henry’s well-behaved brother, Perfect Pete.


On Twitter, Adam revealed he’d banned the show from his TV altogether, when he asked fans if anyone else felt they had to do the same:

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“Anyone else banned their kid from watching Horrid Henry or is it just us? ?"

He added: “Ted’s literally turned into Horrid Henry haha”

It seemed that Adam and wife Caroline weren’t alone in their decision to cut off their child from the popular series, with many saying their little ones had learned naughty behaviours from it, too.

"I did!!!! My daughter turned into a right little b***er watching that" one mum wrote.

While another parent added: "Banned mine years ago. Absolute s*** and no moral message whatsoever. Don't even let her touch the books."

One poor mum even revealed which Henry-style prank she’d fallen victim to:

“Me!! My daughter put a cup of water on top of the bedroom door and I got absolutely soaked on Sunday!! #NoMoreHorridHenry”

Yikes ?

We can definitely understand switching the show off for good if your little one’s transformed into Horrid Henry 2.0.

But is there a way to watch and show them that Henry’s actions are funny when they're pretend, but they're not to be tried at home?

We’d love to know what you think – and if you’ve banned Horrid Henry, too. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook.

Images: Instagram/Adam Thomas

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