Adele Silva opens up about miscarriage heartbreak

The new mum reveals she was pregnant every year for three years


Hollyoaks actress and new mum Adele Silva has told a newspaper how she endured three miscarriages before giving birth to her beautiful baby daughter Sienna Evie 12 weeks ago.


Speaking to the Mirror, the 34-year-old former Emmerdale star said she ‘just sobbed’ when she first held newborn Sienna as she ‘never thought we’d get there’.

In an emotional interview, Adele said that she and her fiance Oliver Farber lost a baby every year for three years, and revealed the last miscarriage was the hardest because it was past the 12 week stage: 

“It was past three months and we thought it was safe,” Adele said. “It was a day before our 12-week scan.”

The actress said she suffered her first miscarriage in 2011, and then endured two more in the following years. A consultation with fertility specialist Zita West revealed she had thrombophilia, a condition which makes the blood clot, as well as an underactive thyroid, and an ‘inflated level of “killer cells”, which make the body attack an embryo’.

Little Sienna arrived in March, 11 days late, and weighing in at 8lb 12oz. Adele says the adorable little girl has ‘recently started smiling’ and is a good sleeper!

“I actually haven’t had too many sleepless nights, although I am prepared for that to change at any time!” she said.  Indeed, in the one snap Adele has shared on Twitter of her new baby – lying on her lap as mum enjoyed a well-deserved pedicure –  she certainly seems very chilled! 

Adele Silva and new baby Sienna

 The petite star also revealed she is in no rush to return to her pre-baby size 6 to 8 figure: 

“I don’t feel any pressure at all. I started filming [Hollyoaks] when the baby was just eight weeks. I’m not back to what I was like before, but it didn’t bother me.”

“If I’d been in my 20s I probably would’ve been a bit worried, but being that little bit older I think ‘I’ll leave that to the young ones now’. Your priorities change when you have a baby. Now I’m just a bit like: ‘Whatever!'”

What a refreshing attitude! 

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