Again! Why you’ll keep hearing this again and again

In the Year of the Dragon, Emily Gravett’s imaginative new book is a fun, cautionary tale of an excitable red dragon


We all know that moment when your child finds a favourite book and the only thing you hear for the next three weeks is, “Again, again!”


Even though you and your child know the words off by heart, you have to read it over and over and over again, without skipping a letter.

Children’s author Emily Gravett has cleverly pre-empted this – calling her book Again! Beautifully drawn, it tells the tale of a young excitable dragon who likes to hear his favourite dragon bedtime story read to him, again and again.

Wearing out his mum dragon (or could be dad – difficult to tell), little dragon keeps on with his “Again!” demands, with unfortunate consequences.

It’s a lovely story in itself, but anyone who knows Emily’s other books (Wolves, Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears, Orange Pear Apple Bear) will guess that there’s always something a little special about her work – and Again! has a delightful surprise.

Perfect for any parent who faces the ‘A’ word on a daily basis – and a great way to help little ones understand that mums and dads get tired too!

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