Airline offers passengers the chance to upgrade to avoid screaming babies

People flying on Scoot Airlines can pay an extra £9 to sit in a childfree zone


One budget airline is allowing passengers to upgrade their seat to avoid sitting near under-12s.


Paying Singapore-based Scoot Airlines an extra £9 when you book your flight will ensure you will be seated in a special childfree zone, plus more legroom.

The section is called “ScootinSilence” and is the first seven rows of its economy section.

“No offence to our young guests or those travelling with them – you will still have the rest of the aircraft,” said Campbell Wilson, CEO of the airline, which primarily flies to Australia’s Gold Coast,

It isn’t the first to do it: AirAsia X has a similar policy, which it introduced earlier this year. Malaysia Airlines was the first to introduce childree zones. It banned infants from its first class section and created a section for over-12s only in economy class.

These childfree zones in planes may be a reaction to courtcases such as the one Quantas had a few years ago. A woman sued the airline after claiming she suffered from hearing loss because she sat next to a screaming 3-year-old boy. Quantas settled with her out of court.

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