Amanda Holden’s husband thanks doctors for saving her life

After three days in intensive care, Amanda is now on the mend and able to meet her baby girl, Hollie Rose


It’s been an extremely tough week for Amanda Holden and Chris Hughes, after the dramatic birth of their daughter, Hollie Rose, on Monday. Last night, Chris publicly thanked the hospital for looking after his wife of four years.


“Chris would like to thank all the medical staff and everyone who has been involved in Amanda’s care. They have all been absolutely fantastic,” said Alison Griffin, the couple’s spokeswoman.

It was also revealed that Amanda is now in a ‘stable’ condition and has been able to see her newborn daughter for the first time.

“Amanda is still extremely woozy – she has been under heavy sedation following Hollie’s birth,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“She was in intensive care for three days, you definitely cannot bring a newborn into intensive care, so Wednesday night was the first time she could have met Hollie after doctors judged that she was stable,” the source added.

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